Friday, August 10, 2018

This time in Berlin: Afghan man kills a woman as if in a frenzy

After the spectacular cases of Kandel and Freiburg, an Afghan has now also committed a bestial femicide in Berlin. The alleged 21-year-old asylum seeker is said to have killed the woman "as if in a frenzy", reports the newspaper Berliner Kurier. The perpetrator and the 40-year-old victim are said to have had a fierce quarrel on Thursday morning. The police assume a "relationship crime". It happened in Gesundbrunnen, a district of the now infamous district of Wedding.Scared up by the woman's cries in the hallway, neighbours noticed the crime. They were the woman's last signs of life. Because any help came too late, although the rescue forces arrived at the scene within a few minutes.The woman was lying on the floor covered in blood. According to a report in the newspaper, the fire brigade apparently assumed that the woman had been shot because of the large loss of blood. That was denied by the police. However, she did not want to give any details of the exact cause of death. The Afghan was also injured - whether he taught himself this is still unclear.

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