Friday, September 07, 2018

Germany: A Muslim woman wants to sue for Islamic law in court

The fact that Germany has not yet been completely Islamised has now been made clear to a divorced Muslim woman who wanted to sue for her "dowry " before the Munich District Court.The plaintiff with a German passport had married her Turkish husband in 2016 before a German registry office. Two months later, the marriage ceremony took place again according to the Sunni rite. The so-called dowry - around 4,000 euros - was agreed - as is customary with Muslims as a minimum security for the almost lawless woman in Islam.After one year, the Muslim dream couple ended and the marriage was divorced at the end of 2017. The woman demanded the promised morning gift, the man refused the payment. The case was brought before the Munich District Court. There the Muslima argued: The morning gift is a prerequisite for a religious marriage, only after that "in the cultural circle of the participants a partnership of life and a gender community is possible". In addition, this is also stated in the Koran.According to the tabloid Bild, it was crucial for the judge that the spouses did not have the divorce payment notarised by a notary. Other couples - i.e. those who have been living here for some time - are also obliged to do this if they wish to lay down conditions for their divorce by means of a marriage contract. The complaint was rejected.

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