Tuesday, September 11, 2018

News from Merkel's Venezuela: German doctors call the claim that the victim from Köthen died of a heart attack a lie.

Without a complete thrombus at least (!) one of the three large coronary strains, which can be determined exactly in age, the proof of an acute heart attack would only be possible with hi-tech histology, in which wafer-thin organ sections have to be prepared over several days.Anyone who cannot recognize a life threatening injury to the skeleton or the integument (skin) of a 22-year-old corpse, whose fate has immense national-European significance, and then quickly and diligently opens the coronary arteries in situ without 2 (flown in!) pathology professors, and without video documentation, was ordered to lie in view of the situation of the eyes/ear witnesses. After all, the cardiological anamnesis suited...

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