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Sexual harassment: Refugee blogger Aras B. has to appear before German court

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The Syrian "refugee blogger and columnist" Aras B. is facing a " serious scandal ":He is to be tried for sexual attacks on women and girls on 23rd of November.According to information from the newspaper Junge Freiheit, proceedings against Aras B. were initiated on 23rd of November before the district court of Lemgo. The author, who was born in 1998 and works for HuffPost and Vice among others, is accused of having grabbed and sexually harassed several women and girls at his former school in Lemgo, the Lüttfeld vocational college, as well as in the school bus. A total of six cases are reported to have occurred between November and December 2017 and in March this year. Five attacks of Grapsch allegedly took place in the vocational school in Lemgo, one in a bus. The alleged victims are three schoolmates, reports Junge Freiheit. One time a female breast, another time a butt was the target of the columnist Aras B., who was celebrated by the mainstream media.The third victim is said to have been molested in the bus at the end of last year on the way to school. The third victim is said to have been molested in the bus at the end of last year on the way to school. Aras B. was said to have touched the woman's breasts in a targeted manner. Even before these incidents, which have now become known, B. is said to have been accused of showing porn movies on his mobile phone.He denies the accusations to the newspaper. "This is fake," says B. calmly on the phone. Nothing about it is true. He was not aware of any trial, he had not received a subpoena.But the director of the district court Lemgo, Petra Borgschulte, contradicts him and confirmed on demand of Junge Freiheit that on 23rd of November a criminal proceeding for sexual harassment will be tried. Since it was a non-public juvenile criminal case, she could not comment on the content of the accusation.But Borgschultes information about time and meeting room coincide with the information of the newspaper Junge Freiheit about the proceedings against B., who prefers to remain silent. He also does not reply to an e-mail. However, his account on Twitter and his Facebook fan page disappeared on Wednesday afternoon just before the deadline given to him by the newspaper for a reply.The fact that the Syrian cultivates a somewhat different image of women had already become clear with the topic of Cologne New Year's Eve. At that time he wrote on Twitter: "Most women are to blame for this themselves. To be alone at night". Later, he denied this and claimed that he had "expressed it wrongly" because his knowledge of German had not yet been so good. Actually, he wanted to say the complete opposite.Aras B. is always causing a stir and anger in the social media with his statements.Aras B. is always causing a stir and anger in the social media with his statements. AfD voters " were no longer welcome" for him in Germany and should leave Germany, a mobile phone belongs to the basic supply of refugees and must be financed by the state, so some of the outpourings of the Syrian's mind.

Freiburg again: 17-year-old girl attacked by two Mediterranean/Dark Skinned men

Yesterday, Tuesday evening, an incident was reported to the police in which, according to current knowledge, a 17-year-old girl was attacked by two previously unknown men on the corner of Günterstal street and Konrad street in Freiburg. The incident is said to have occurred shortly before 7 pm. The young girl had defended herself against the attack. When a passer-by passed by, the two men fled. The 17-year-old was not injured.To determine the exact event, the police is looking for witnesses, especially the one passer-by who witnessed. He is described as follows: About 60 years old, 165 to 170 cm tall, grey hair.The two unknowns are described as follows: 

1) About 180 cm tall, about 20 years old, remarkably thin stature, short, black hair, distinctive crooked nose, darker skin colour, no beard. He wore a dark brown jacket and black trousers. 
2) About 170 cm tall, about 20 years old, also thin stature, no beard, dark dressed, Mediterranean appearance.

Both persons would not have talked. The Freiburg Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the facts and asking witnesses to call 0761/882-5777. Above all, the hitherto unknown older passer-by is asked to report as a witness.

Germany: 13-year-old girl harassed by " Mediterranean man "

On Friday afternoon, a girl was harassed by an unknown person in the area of the bus stop "Scheffelstraße" in the Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring street in Wiesbaden. Around 5:10 p.m., a 13-year-old girl waited for the bus when an unknown, already older man approached her and addressed her. During the contact, the girl reached out her hand to the stranger, who gave her a kiss on the back of her hand. As she was very uncomfortable with what had occurred, the girl immediately pulled her hand away and boarded the next bus. The stranger also boarded the bus without any further contact or action in the following. The unknown is described at the age of about 75 years, about 170 years tall and with grey, thinning hair and small dark eyes, whereby the right eye is said to have been opaque. The southern-looking man, who had a darker skin tone and protruding ears, was dressed in dark clothes and wore a scarf. One conspicuous item was a shopping bag with wheels that he had carried with him. The Police Department for immoral offences of the criminal investigation department in Wiesbaden asks witnesses or informers to call (0611) 345-0.

As soon as the bus driver stops, gets off and rolls out the carpet to pray, you are probably in Germany!

Germany: Dark skinned offender harasses 11-year-old schoolgirl in bus and spits at driver coming to her aid

An eleven-year-old schoolgirl was harassed by at least one perpetrator yesterday around 1:50 p.m. in the bus, line 230, on her way from Stromberg to Bingen. The intervening bus driver came to the schoolgirl' s aid. He was spat at by the unknown perpetrator. An investigation for bodily injury was initiated. The perpetrator is described as follows: Dark skin, 16-18 years old, narrow figure, darkly dressed, big eyes, conspicuously big nose.

Germany: Afghan man stabs woman -- Life threatening injuries

Yesterday, Tuesday, around 6:20 pm, the police received an emergency call that a woman had been attacked by a man with a knife on Bahnhof street in Jüchen-Hochneukirch. Several patrol cars immediately went to the scene of the attack. On site, it turned out that a 29-year-old woman had suffered stab wounds in front of a house. The woman was taken to a hospital for further treatment after receiving primary medical care. The suspect is said to be the victim's 35-year-old husband. He escaped after the crime and has been wanted by the police ever since. According to current information, the couple, who come from Afghanistan, lived separately. Why the man attacked his wife on Tuesday evening is the subject of further investigation. A knife that could be used as a weapon was seized by the police near the scene of the attack. According to initial information, the victim had suffered life-threatening injuries. The victim's health stabilized during the night. Still in the evening, a homicide squad was set up in Düsseldorf under the direction of the police. The search measures and investigations are continuing. According to the information available, the Mönchengladbach Public Prosecutor's Office assesses the crime as an attempted homicide. Witnesses who can give information about the crime are asked to call the police in Neuss (phone 02131/3000).

Austria says it won't sign UN global migration pact

The Austrian government said Wednesday that it won't sign a global compact to promote safe and orderly migration, citing concerns about national sovereignty as it joined neighboring Hungary in shunning the agreement. Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz took office last December in a coalition with the nationalist, anti-migration Freedom Party. Austria currently holds the European Union's rotating presidency, and Kurz has made curbing unregulated migration a priority. The Global Compact for Safety, Orderly and Regular Migration, which isn't legally binding, was finalized under U.N. auspices in July. It is due to be formally approved at a meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, from Dec. 11-12. The Austria Press Agency reported that Kurz and Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said Austria won't sign the document or send an official representative to Marrakech. They cited, among other things, fears about a possible watering-down of the distinction between legal and illegal migration. "There are some points that we view critically and where we fear a danger to our national sovereignty," Kurz said. "Some of the contents go diametrically against our position," added Strache, the Freedom Party's leader. "Migration is not and cannot become a human right," Strache said. "It cannot be that someone receives a right to migration because of the climate or poverty."

Garbage man welcome !

Stellenbosch Municipality Monday morning.

When French identity died: Emmanuel Macron, “True Frenchmen,” and the “Islam of France”

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, caused a stir some time ago during his three-day visit to Denmark and Finland. In Copenhagen on August 29, he declared that there is no such thing as “a true Dane,” no such thing as a “true Frenchman.” He was widely criticized for this remark at home. What could he possibly have meant?

But let’s back up. Macron began last February by talking grandly about his intention to create an “Islam of France.” He promised he would roll out his plans after Ramadan ended in mid-June. In early July, in the pages of Le Monde, the plan drawn up by Macron’s collaborator Hakim El Karaoui, was published. It provides for the creation of an association managed by French Muslims that will train and pay the imams in France (no longer would they be trained abroad or paid by foreign Muslim groups or states), pay for the building and maintenance of mosques (thus replacing foreign governments), and manage communication between organized Islam and the state.

The most important part of Macron’s plan was the proviso that the mosques and the imams’ salaries would be paid from taxes both on halal food products, and on pilgrimages to Mecca. This plan was hailed by a few Muslims, but denounced by many others as an unacceptable interference by the Infidel state in the practice of Islam. Several months later, the plan has still not been implemented in the slightest way. What is Macron waiting for, or has he simply gotten cold feet? Or have very deep-pocketed Muslim states, with tens of billions of dollars in properties and investments all over France, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Qatar, managed to get to Macron and explain that they might sell off some of those investments if the French state arrogates to itself the training of imams, and the financing of mosques? Whatever has been said behind the curtains, it appears that Macron has put his ballyhooed plans on hold. Islam in France is not yet becoming an “Islam of France.”

There are as yet no taxes on halal products, nor on pilgrimages from France to Mecca. Macron’s sleight-of-word has so far led to exactly nothing, except furious outbursts from French Muslims who declared Macron had no business interfering in the foreign funding of French mosques and imams.

In late August, Macron began to show his frustration. On a trip to Denmark and Finland, he roundly declared in Copenhagen that “there is no such thing as a ‘true Dane,’” there is no such thing as a “true Frenchman.” It’s difficult to know what he meant. When asked by a Danish student about the future of national identities in Europe, Macron added a bit more to his original remark, that “the ‘true Dane’ does not exist — he is a European.”

“Even your language is not just Danish — it is European. The same is true for the French,” he added.

What does this mean? Does it mean that the Danes speak their own language and then the lingua franca of the European Union, English? And is that what he means “for the French” as well — that they speak French but also the EU’s recognized common tongue, which happens to be the language of a country that won’t be in the EU much longer? And doesn’t a supra-national identity — i.e., that of being “European” — come only after, and builds upon, one’s national identity, i.e., being “French”?

Macron also praised Denmark as a nation which is “completely open to the rest of the world” compared with a France, whose people, he said, showed a “Gaulish stubborn resistance to change.” Possibly Macron is unaware that the Danes have been less “completely open to the world” recently, but have shown a distinct displeasure toward Muslims. Even the liberal and tolerant Danes have been mugged by Muslim reality. Denmark recently banned the niqab. Furthermore, the government has introduced new laws mandating that children living in “ghetto” neighborhoods (i.e., where Muslims predominate) must spend 25 hours apart from their parents every week. During this time, they’ll be taught “Danish values,” including Christmas and Easter traditions, and receive Danish language classes.

By regulating life in these neighborhoods, the government hopes to “Westernize” these children and immerse them in Denmark’s secular culture and society. They see it as protection of the many at the expense of the few. The penalties for non-compliance suggest that the Danes are fed up with Muslims who refuse to make any attempt to integrate into Danish society. Hence the children will be required to spend 25 hours each week outside their Muslim neighborhoods, learning the Danish language and “Danish values.”

Parents who refuse to cooperate will be fined and their welfare payments halted. The fact that these new rules target low-income, predominantly Muslim enclaves reflects the Danish government’s fear that the existence of insular Muslim communities will facilitate the development of extremist ideologies.

Even liberal, tolerant Denmark has been changing, faced with the reality of Muslim behavior, Muslim demands, Muslim crime, Muslim “extremism.” Macron’s praise of Denmark being “open to the world” shows he’s not been keeping up with the latest Danish response to its Muslim problem. And what business is it anyway of young Emmanuel Macron to lecture the Danes, insisting that there is “no such thing as a true Dane”? What chutzpah! What gall!

As for his comments on the French, he criticized his own people for the very thing many of us find most admirable: a “Gaulish stubborn resistance to change.” If France is able to save itself from the march of Islam, it will be precisely because of that “stubborn resistance to change,” based on a deep sense of national identity and pride, that Macron deplores.

What does Macron mean when he says there is “no such thing as a true Frenchman”? I think he is groping for a way to deny the very strong sense of national identity in France, so as to make it easier for Muslims, who will then not have to integrate into that strongly-held identity, but rather, into something approaching, Macron clearly hopes, a kind of all-embracing multicultural mush.

What does or should it mean to be a “true Frenchman”? It isn’t any one thing, but it’s a constellation of things, beliefs, and attitudes, certainties and uncertainties, born of knowledge of and intelligent affection for a particular place called France, and a particular people called French. There are no bright lines to define the “True Frenchman.” One needs to know a certain amount of French history. How much? That’s not possible to say. But if someone lives in France, but knows nothing of, and takes no interest in, and may even be irremediably hostile to, that country’s political and intellectual history, knows nothing or very little about Catholicism and the Gallican Church, about the Huguenots and the Wars of Religion, about the Divine Right of Kings, about the Court of Louis XIV, about the 18th century Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, Louis Philippe, the Paris Commune, about France in the two World Wars, the German Occupation, the Resistance, about French Colonialism and de-colonialism, about France as a member of the E.U. — then can that person be considered “a true Frenchman”? Probably not, even though we have not and can not specify any particular amount of knowledge that would qualify someone to be considered a “Frenchman.”

But what would one think of someone who, though he had spent his life in France, spoke and read only Arabic, knew nothing of French history and had no desire to learn about it, despised and dismissed French culture as “decadent,” rejected the French political system as elevating man-made laws over the Sharia, and believed, as the Qur’an teaches, that the French people among whom he lived were “the most vile of creatures,” while Muslims like himself were “the best of peoples”? Such a person is “French” only in a formal sense: he lives in France, and may even have obtained a French passport. But is he “French” in any larger and more meaningful sense?

A “true Frenchman” needs to know the French language, at least enough to understand and be understood in that tongue. He cannot exist stranded on a linguistic island. Some familiarity with French literature, French art, French music, French philosophy and political theory — these are the main components of a French cultural identity. A “true Frenchman” ought to possess some knowledge of the main currents of French intellectual life. The rights of the individual, including those of freedom of speech (as the criticism of Muhammad) and freedom of conscience (which protects those who want to change their religion either for another, or for no faith at all) must be both understood and accepted by the “true Frenchman.”

There is no particular amount of such knowledge that makes one a “true Frenchman,” but a complete absence of such knowledge makes it harder for someone to claim to be “French” in any meaningful sense. A person who lives in France but takes no interest in, or is hostile to, French history and French culture, who has no interest in the art, music, literature, history, religious beliefs, or politics of France, even while living on French soil, is not a “true Frenchman,” while someone who takes some interest in at least some aspects of French civilization, and is not irremediably hostile to France and the indigenous French, has that possibility.

Macron has chosen not to discuss, much less to offer tentative guidelines, as I’ve just done, as to what would adequately define a “true Frenchman.” He simply wants to avoid the issue altogether, in the most simple-minded of ways: by denying the possible existence of a “true Frenchman.” If there is no such thing as a “true Frenchmen,” then everyone in France can be French, and there is no need to wonder about how to “integrate” Muslims into a French identity that no longer exists. Muslims in France are already almost as French as they need to be, in Macron’s rosy view, and the only problem, for Macron, is making sure that “foreign states” do not build and maintain mosques in France, or train and pay for French imams. He does not see the problem as one of an ideology, Islam, irredeemably hostile to what makes France. Instead, he sees a problem only of foreign states paying for mosques and imams in France, and thereby encouraging “extremism” — an “extremism” which Emmanuel Macron has never dared to define, much less try to distinguish from orthodox Islam. His focus, as stated months ago, is on building French Muslim organizations that will train imams inside France, and on mosques that will be built and maintained by the French state, and imams paid government salaries, using revenues from taxes on halal products and on pilgrimages to Mecca.

Macron’s attempt to deny a “French identity” and the possibly of a “true Frenchman” has not won him any friends in France. Many French intellectuals — including large numbers on the left — have denounced this absurd claim. The French — if not Macron himself — are proud of being French. They do not dismiss this identity, but glory in it. Nor did Muslims in France express any particular satisfaction in Macron’s claim that a “true Frenchman” does not exist. They will pocket any concession or surrender, but offer nothing in return.

Macron might have simply said something much more interesting and provoking of thought: a tentative discussion of what kinds of knowledge and affection (linguistic, cultural, historical, political) contribute to the creation of a “French identity” — never mind a “true Frenchman.” He could have wondered aloud if there was any irreducible pemmican of knowledge that should be considered essential to such a definition. That would further discussion, rather than shut it down. He could have asked, too, if those who are taught to despise the Infidels (“vile creatures”) and all their works, who don’t know and don’t want to find out about, and are irremediably hostile to, French history and French culture, are for those very reasons not likely to attain a “French identity,” much less become “true Frenchmen,” under any definition. That, of course, is something Macron, and all the little macrons of this world, cannot possibly allow themselves to recognize.

Italian Far-Left: Teen Raped and Murdered by Migrants Was ‘Lucky’

A Facebook page belonging to a far-left Italian group has said that 16-year-old Desirèe Mariottini was “lucky” after being drugged, raped, and murdered, allegedly by a group of migrants, because she’s seen as a victim.

The post, which was put up on the Potere al Popolo or “Power to the People” page, says that the murdered 16-year-old was “lucky” to be killed by migrants saying that there would not be as much outrage among regular Italians if her alleged killers were not migrants, Il Giornale reports.

“It highlights that there are no rights actually recognised for women, everything depends on those who hurt you,” the author, who is part of an “anti-racist” group said.“Desirèe’s fortune is the tragedy of thousands of women abused and harassed by Italian men,” the author said and added, “Days pass and Desirèe gets more and more innocent: she was a junkie but now maybe they drugged her behind her back, indeed she was not even looking for drugs.”The murder of the teen in the San Lorenzo quarter of Rome shocked many in Italy including populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who said, “I will do everything to make the worms guilty of this horror pay,” following the arrest of two Senegalese migrant men and a Nigerian illegal migrant who were all thought to have been involved with the crime.

Prosecutors in the case have said they believe that the teen was drugged to keep her unconscious during the rape but also proposed that the men who drugged her gave her enough to cause her death on purpose.

The murder is just the latest high profile case to involve migrants in Italy this year. Earlier this year, shortly before the Italian general election, a Nigerian drug dealer was arrested in connection with the brutal killing of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro whose body was dismembered and left in suitcases by the side of a road in Macerata.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Experts: Merkel weightless in German politics

Hungarian experts reacted to Angela Merkel’s resignation from the CDU’s leadership.

Angela Merkel’s decision to give up her party’s presidency leaves room for the establishment of a parallel political field of force and this makes her weightless in German politics, according to Istvan Pocza, senior research fellow at the Szazadveg Foundation.

He told Kossuth Radio that Merkel’s announcement was almost unparalleled in the history of German politics. Pocza added that Merkel’s resignation can weaken the traditional German-French axis in the European Parliament too.

Merkel wants to make the transition period related to her succession structured, organised and controllable, hence the timing of the resignation, says Laszlo Kiss J., teacher of the Corvinus University. He added that it’s hard to predict how unforeseen circumstances – like early elections – can change Merkel’s plans.

According to the Political Capital think tank, the Hesse elections were about Berlin and the regional CDU-Greens government has been successful. They predict that these elections will have serious consequences for German politics and symbolical politics can replace Merkel’s pragmatism. The SPD has reached its worst ever result, which causes even more tension in the grand coalition.

The biggest winners of the elections are the Greens and the AfD’s result is also significant, even though their aim was to reach 15 percent. Political Capital adds that the key to AfD’s success is their ability to “profit” from the migration crisis and the dissatisfaction towards the big parties.

(WATCH) My Ghost Story for Halloween: Number13 - By M R James

After the gang rape in Freiburg now in Munich, Germany: 6 Afghan asylum seekers allegedly raped 15-year-old girl

Six young Afghans are suspected of having sexually abused a 15-year-old girl from Munich. According to the Bavarian Radio, the crimes occurred about four weeks ago. According to the report, the young men made the teenagers submissive and abused them one after the other on different days. Five of the 20 to 25 year old men are in pre-trial custody, a sixth is being searched. The suspects are accepted asylum seekers. The suspects, according to BR radio information, either remained silent during the interrogations or stated that sex with the young girl had been consensual. They are accused of rape. The public prosecutor's office did not want to confirm or deny the incident at BR's request.,R7ykH9Z?fbclid=IwAR1B-8cLdC5rvewuFEPVZcpW1-oKufhheEWqWDq0DrXy-d1fn-8l-tV4XcE

Chemnitz, Germany: African-looking man tried to snatch her baby from a mother

A stranger in downtown Chemnitz tried to snatch the infant carrier from a 32-year-old mother at about 2 p.m. on Monday. Police are now urgently looking for witnesses. The young woman parked her Hyundai small car in front of a nursery in Schloß street. When she took her child and baby seat out of the car, a stranger suddenly stood in front of her and tried to snatch the child from her. With a kick against the shin, she was able to make the perpetrator flee.During and after the crime, he did not speak a word. The woman and her child remained unharmed, "She described the stranger today as about 1.90 meters to 1.95 meters tall, slim and with an African appearance in the course of the report. He has short, curly hair and wore jeans and a dark quilted jacket on the day of the crime. Anyone who has made observations on Monday, around 2 p.m., is requested to report urgently to the PD Chemnitz Criminal Investigation Department on 0371 387-3448.

Rape of a 19-year-old girl by a " Mediterranean man " in Marsberg, Germany

On Monday afternoon, a 19-year-old woman from Marsberg appeared at the police station and made statements about a rape. The young woman stated that she had walked from the Haupt street to the Trift street in the direction of Gansauweg street around 01:00 am on Sunday. Since a group of male youths came towards her, she went into a small side street, presumably at the school there, in order to avoid the group. In this way she was suddenly pulled down to the ground from behind by her hood. The young woman called for help and tried to defend herself. Nevertheless, she was raped. When the perpetrator heard a rustling in the bushes, he jumped up and fled. The woman first went home. On the way home she met a couple who she asked for help. She asked for a mobile phone to inform the police because her battery was empty. But the couple ignored the woman.She can describe the perpetrator as about 25-30 years old, strong stature, with probably black, slightly longer hair, but shorter on the sides. He is about 1.80 meters tall, has a Mediterranean appearance and spoke with an accent. He wore dark blue jeans, a black sweater with white inscription "adidas" and a black parker with fur trimming. Since the woman called for help, it cannot be ruled out that residents may have noticed something. We urge them, as well as any other persons who can provide information about the identity of the man searched for, to contact the Marsberg police on 02992-902003711 or any other police station. However, the group of young people and the couple approached by the woman are also of decisive importance for further investigations. They are also asked to contact the police.

Germany: An African man arrested for various sexual offences against sheep, goats and women

Last Friday, 26th of October 2018, the investigators of the criminal investigation department arrested a 28 year old man from Eritrea, who could be considered for several criminal offences. The investigators' meticulous securing of evidence in the case of a sexual assault on 11th of May 2018 showed that DNA traces, which could be secured on the 30 year old victim, correspond to DNA traces already present. These could be secured in the context of offences against the animal protection law from the year 2017. The then unknown perpetrator was accused of having sexually assaulted sheep and goats on a farm in Freiburg. At first these two matching traces could not be assigned to any perpetrator. On 12th of June 2018 a further incident occurred in which the perpetrator, after a brief acquaintance, attacked a 31-year-old woman with sexual intent during a walk in the Schlossberg area. On 1st of July 2018 another assault occurred, in which the man attacked a 20-year-old girl in a house entrance on her way home with sexual intent. In the latter two cases, the intensive interrogations and investigations of the criminal investigation department led to the identification of the alleged perpetrator, the 28-year-old now under arrest. The extraction of a DNA sample revealed the link between the sexual assault of 11th of May 2018 and the assaults on animals in spring 2017. At the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office Freiburg, the urgently suspected man living in Freiburg was brought before the magistrate, who ordered him to be sent to a prison.

Germany: Arrest of an Afghan after attempted sexual offence in Hamburg Groß Borstel district

On 28th of October 2018, Federal Police investigators temporarily arrested a 30-year-old Afghan at the Reeperbahn suburban railway station. The man is suspected of having committed an attempted violent sexual offence to the detriment of a 30-year-old woman. Extensive investigations by the Special Commissariat for Sexual Offences (LKA42), in particular forensic investigations and analyses of confirmed traces, finally led to the identification of the 30-year-old. The man was taken to a magistrate who issued an arrest warrant.

Berlin, Germany: Turk stabbed daughter with a knife -- At her daughter's school, he had observed her several times in conversation with fathers of other school children -- He had regarded this as an "attack on family honor.

Because he allegedly attacked his 47-year-old daughter in the Neukölln district of Gropiusstadt in Berlin with a knife and seriously injured her, a father (75 y/o) will be brought before the regional court as of Monday (9.30 a.m.). The 75-year-old is accused of attempted murder for alleged "violation of honour". According to the investigations, the pensioner attacked his daughter on 17th of April 2018 at 12 noon at her workplace in the shopping centre "Wutzky" at Joachim-Gottschalk-Weg street. The man from Turkey stabbed the innocent woman several times with a knife in the shoe and bag shop. Witnesses intervened and stopped him. The victim, who was in critical condition, was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery immediately. The background to the crime was the "violation of honour" of the 75-year-old, because he did not like the way his daughter communicated with other people.The 75-year-old had been angry because he had observed the 47-year-old at her daughter's school several times in conversation with fathers of other school children, the prosecution said. He had regarded this as an "attack against the honour of the family".

Italian Locals Call for Closure of ‘Ethnic Clubs’ Linked to Drugs, Prostitution, and Violence

Locals in the Italian city of Perugia have called for the government to close “ethnic clubs” in their neighbourhood after claims that they were linked to violence, drugs, and prostitution.

Residents of Fontivegge and other nearby neighbourhoods have accused the clubs of being hubs for criminal activity, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

“It has nothing to do with racism,” one local, who declined to be named, said.“Go and see what they do next to the ethnic clubs, come back here in the evening, especially on Sundays, and you will understand why Salvini is right,” they added.Another resident, Giulietto Albioni, said: “With the arrival of non-EU citizens in this area, African markets, afro pubs, and other clubs were born.”

“Behind them is always the traffic of drugs,” Mr Albioni added.The areas around the ethnic clubs have also seen a marked rise in violence according to Silvio Meli who lives only a short distance from an “Afropub” which he said had made living in the area difficult due to constant fights, late night drinking, and noise that made it “impossible to sleep”.

Il Giornale investigated the Afropub and found the area full of syringes and broken glass. The paper claimed that they went to the pub at 9 pm earlier this month and waited only three minutes until who they described as an migrant male offered them drugs.

Andrea Romizi, mayor of Perugia, went on to revoke the Afropub’s licence only days after the investigation.

The investigation comes after Italian populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had suggested that ethnic shops should be forced to close no later than 9 pm saying the shops attracted migrants “who drink beer and whisky until 3 am and raise hell”.The comments were met with sharp criticism from left-wing politicians such as Democratic Party member Andrea Marcucci who called the policy an act of “a regime”.Foreign-born criminal suspects have greatly increased in recent years in Italy to the point that nearly one in three criminal suspects comes from a foreign background, while foreigners make up only eight percent of the total Italian population.

Monday, October 29, 2018

BREAKING: Shooting at republican office in Florida

Bolsonaro: The Brazilians go all in for winning

By Monica Showalter 

They did it. Brazil went and pulled the trigger: its voters elected conservative Jair Messias Bolsonaro, colloquially known as Tropical Trump for his open admiration of President Trump and his comparable agenda.

The margin was huge: 55-44 over his socialist rival.

The press, of course, is aghast. These journalists are all using headlines with terms like "far-right" and "fascist" to describe him, something they never did when real fascists and far leftists, such as Hugo Chávez, got elected. Yes, Bolsonaro talks out of turn – you can see a collection of politically correct and sometimes just bad things he's said, all of which has driven the left to clutch its pearls, with all the craziest stuff said two decades ago. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Deep State and the rabid left are planning protests and riots. They aren't going to take this any better than U.S. Democrats did. One of them already stabbed the man and nearly killed him, for starters, and they aren't going to get better. On the lower level of the attack front, people have been run out of restaurants. Sound like any place you know?

There's a symmetry in this, a reason it had to happen, and that's worth looking at for perspective on how it can be used here.

What makes Brazil similar to the U.S.? Well it's a giant country, and it's somewhat separated from its neighbors by both its language and its vast and impenetrable Amazon jungle. It's also got a big racial mix. It's definitely got exceptionalism, because it is different. Big. Racially diverse. Separate. Most Latin American states can't say that. But Brazil can, and that gives it some things in common with the U.S.

It's also got a rich coastal elite, a giant welfare class, and a hinterland of taxpayers whose interests nobody cares about. Sound like the deplorables? You bet.

Then it's had a long stretch of left-wingery. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who indeed was a far leftist affiliated with what's known as the São Paulo Forum of Castroite (kid you not) and Chavista leftists, got elected in 2002 and, like President Obama, was the King of Cool. By no small coincidence, President Obama was a big-time admirer of the man, who came off as so reasonable and hip in Oliver Stone's documentary about Latin leftist leaders,South of the Border. Like Obama, Lula proceeded to do what all socialists do: spend the country into the ground, expand the dependency class, expand the bureaucrat class, hike taxes and fees such as bus fares, and introduce unpopular social engineering. What's more, street criminals were coddled as poor underprivileged pitifuls, not the thugs preying on the public that they really were. Vast government cash rolled their way. As if that wasn't bad enough, then the lefties did the other things socialists do, which is engage in Our Thang corruption, in what became a series of giant scandals of insider pocket-lining, from corruption at the state oil company to the collection of congressional corruptions known as "the car wash." Socialist insiders in, the rest of the public out. Lula ended up in jail for it, and his successor ended up thrown out, but the soggy conservative who replaced them was implicated in congressional money scandals, too, suggesting a swamp where payoffs and revolving doors were out of control. Like our swamp.

Then, with the fall of oil prices, the same thing happened to Brazil as happened to Venezuela: the money ran out. Brazilians were left with nothing: a truly atrocious economy and some international humiliation with the Olympics, too. If the message wasn't clear enough about the impact of a long stretch of heavy hipster socialism and a fawning media, well, the thousands of refugees from socialism pouring in from Venezuela to Brazil's northern states pretty well gave the reminder.

Any questions as to why they wanted a Trump? Their beautiful country needed a hosing out so badly that there was no other alternative. Taking a flying leap with this guy seemed like the only way to get any change at all.

Bolsonaro did make some sexist remarks, but according to Foreign Affairs, huge numbers of women went for him anyway. The Salena Zito dynamic of "seriously but not literally" seemed to be operative in that country, too. I knew right away without opening the story as to why they did: violent crime, because violent crime affects women more than anyone. I used to be such a victim myself in San Francisco's crappier zones in the 1990s, repeatedly getting assaulted and robbed and watching the illegals and people who needed involuntary institutionalization get away with it as the police stood by mouthing platitudes. It was absolutely transformative. I know what they know. When there's one set of laws for one group of people and another for the women, you could not care less about stupid remarks about using money, sex, and who's attractive. You go with the guy who promises the guns, which is what Bolsonaro has done.

This is unheard of, given the pervasiveness of pacifism from the left in the face of criminals.

Bolsonaro is also on record as expressing admiration for the generals who ruled Brazil in the 1970s, back when the country faced a scourge of left-wing terrorism far more serious than ours. It was a nation of One, Two, Many Ayerses, and one of them, Lula's successor, Dilma Rousseff, profited handsomely for it, taking up politics as a guerrilla bookkeeper and then becoming Brazil's president. Who says crime doesn't pay?

But along with the generals, and Bolsonaro's admiration for them, similar to Trump's, there's one significant beauty spot embedded in that stance: Bolsonaro, like the Chilean military ruler he also admires, Augusto Pinochet, has admitted he knows nothing about economics. He's done what Pinochet did, which was hand the economics over to the free-market Chicago Boys, who turned that country from a socialist pit even worse than Brazil into a first-world paradise. Trump has embraced the free market, too, but not with the guts it takes for Bolsonaro to do it, because free-market ideas are accepted more widely in this country.

Pinochet is the dirtiest word in all Latin America, a guy whom it's absolutely taboo to bring up and talk about seriously, owing to the influence of Castroite propaganda on the continent. But Bolsonaro has noticed the reality: that Pinochet's military government's human rights violations against leftist Ayers types and others pale in comparison to his economic legacy, which is stellar. The left has long dishonestly used the former to discredit the latter, which is why Latin America has been so pathetic about embracing free markets. Bolsonaro has broken that cycle and appears hell-bent on embracing free markets again, same as Pinochet did (and Trump did, breaking the weak GOP record after Reagan). If he does what the Chicago Boys did in Chile, he will have some seriously impressive results.

To be fair, it's not going to be easy to clean up after the socialist mess. Argentina, despite electing conservative Mauricio Macri president, is sinking under the cleanup effort because the previous socialism was so bad. If you read the memoirs of the Chicago Boys, such as those of José Piñera and Hernán Büchi, you will learn that those geniuses who transformed Chile had an absolute hell of a time cleaning up after the socialist morass they started with, too. Brazil has gargantuan debt and is going to have to privatize many resources just to dig out. There are going to be ups and downs.

But if Bolsonaro is as serious as he appears, and has no intention of turning into a failed populist such as Duterte of the Philippines, he'll keep this course, because it's what really gets results. It's helpful that Brazil does have a serious free-market scene with some impressive Milton Friedman-like economists, such as guided President Reagan. Results are what did it for Trump, enabling the public to rally to him in the aftermath of his outsider election after such a thick curtain of press, state, and political opposition. That's what allows an outsider to thrive, and Trump provides a recent example of how it's really done. It's also helpful that the left is still denying the bad results of its policies or denying that there's any such problem, yawning at complaints about crime and debt, and trying to blame the other guy. Denying a problem is only going to make the public tune out and stay open-minded on hard choices.

Brazil badly needed an outsider. It's a great thing that the outsider they embraced is a guy who looks to Trump's record of success. It's a big smile-inducer to read that President Trump has heartily congratulated Bolsonaro, too. Let's hope the U.S. under Trump is as supportive as possible for Brazil's effort to dig out from under its socialist ruin and transform itself into the nation its geography says it ought to be: a nation addicted to "winning." 

Merkel to step down as CDU party leader

By Rick Moran 

European leaders who dismiss opposition to their open door policies as "racist" or "xenophobic" might want to observe what's happening in Germany to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

More than a million people from North Africa and the Middle East have settled in Germany since 2015 and the social problems created by this mass exodus are wreaking havoc on German cities - and German politics.

It's not just the crime and the financial burden that the newcomers are placing on German citizens. A growing number of Germans are becoming fearful that the new arrivals are changing the national character of the country. While many in politics condemn this fear as "racist," it is, in fact, the will of the people. And Angela Merkel is experiencing the practical political downside of her policies.

The results from a regional election in the state of Hesse were an unmitigated disaster for Merkel and her "grand coalition" with the social democrats.


The chancellor’s CDU won 27 percent of the vote in Hesse, down from 38.3 percent in the last election in 2013, according to preliminary results. The Social Democrats (SPD) finished equal-second with the Greens, in terms of vote share, on 19.8 percent, dropping from 30.7 percent, . The Greens finished just ahead of the SPD in terms of number of votes cast and nearly doubled their 2013 result.
The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) scored an even bigger jump, more than tripling its 2013 result to 13.1 percent. The pro-business Free Democrats finished with 7.5 percent, according the preliminary results, while the far-left Die Linke party won 6.3 percent, both improving from 2013.
We've seen this electoral drama play out across the continent of Europe. Nationalist parties - dismissed as "fringe" or "neo-Nazi" - making huge gains at the expense of "mainstream" parties. The media has tried their best to demonize the right wing, which makes you wonder what their vote total would be if the media didn't portray the populist parties as radically racist.

For Merkel, the results in Hesse appear to have been the last straw. She is stepping down as leader of the CDU Party.

Merkel would still remain chancellor after handing over the party leadership. But giving up the party post would weaken her authority and reinforce the sense that her long reign is coming to an end.
Merkel has been leader of the CDU since 2000 and chancellor since 2005.
One potential successor to Merkel as CDU leader wasted no time in throwing his hat into the ring. Friedrich Merz, a former leader of the conservative bloc in the Bundestag, is ready to stand for the post, Bild reported just minutes after the news broke.
Another likely candidate for the leadership is CDU Secretary-General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, a former premier of the state of Saarland, who was appointed to her current post by Merkel earlier this year.

Many observers say it's only a matter of time before she resigns as chancellor - perhaps as soon as the CDU elects a new leader.

What's amazing to me is that despite the enormous effort by mainstream European parties to demonize the right and belittle those who worry about the migrant invasion of their countries, the political consequences of those leaders opening their nations to unfettered immigration are only beginning to be felt.