Thursday, October 11, 2018

Berlin married couple complains: " Lefties squatters are harrassing us with Nazi methods "

The daily newspaper B.Z. reports:

Auch auf Twitter wurde die Einladung zur „Party“ veröffentlicht (Foto: Twitter)
The invitation to the "Party" was also published on Twitter (Photo: Twitter)

Insulted, threatened, and their address published: Read what happened to a married couple in Rigaer Street who testified in court against a brutal thug.The couple had alerted an ambulance because a man had been knocked down in front of their house on Rigaer Street in Berlin. Later, Katharina and Tom K.* testified in court as witnesses against the perpetrator. Since then, the couple has been denounced, threatened and insulted by their left-wing radical neighbours.Since 2006, the K.`s opposite the house in Rigaer Street 94, which is partly squatted, have been living there. Already years ago a policeman had said to the married couple: "The Rigaer (street) is and remains a law free area". And the K.'s are now experiencing this directly.At night there is a bell rang at her front door, slogans are yelled at, house walls are smeared with slogans. Since a week there is even a photo of Katharina K., her name, address and a link to her employer on the left-wing radical website "These are Nazi methods," she says.The left-wing radicals on the Internet site supposedly write in the name of the couple: "We give up. (...) It has become clear to us that our false statement in the trial against Isa does not find a majority here in the neighbourhood (...). Because we regret this and live here like outlaws, we move out of our apartment in Rigaer Street (...) on Sunday the 7th of October! The rent is still paid until the beginning of 2019, so that all interested people can stay there after our moving out party. (...) You are also welcome to burn our left behind furniture on the village square (...)" Katharina K., who works as a therapist, reports to the newspaper B.Z.: "We learned about it from the German Criminal Investigation Office. However, the investigators told the couple that they couldn't do anything against the posting on the Internet. Only on the day of the announced party were policemen on site to protect the K.'s. It remained peaceful, nobody showed up."Before my photo and my personal data were published, it was a slight threat," says Katharina K. Now it's different. "I look exactly at who's in front of the door, who's coming towards me on the street."Nevertheless, the couple tries to live a normal everyday life. Tom K. says that he would take pictures from his balcony if there were a police operation again in Rigaer street 94. Just like others in the neighborhood. "But they're only for private use," he says. He would never have posted photos on the Internet.He also took photos during the evacuation of Liebig street 14 in 2011, which was not unknown to the left-wing chaotic. Thereupon it was claimed in several articles on Indymedia that Tom K. had been spying for police and constitutional protection for years. "I am rather apolitical, but more left-wing," he says. "I'm only a member of BUND." In other words, in the environmental organisation Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland.After Marek M. (42), known in the scene as Isa, was sentenced to one year and six months in prison by the district court in mid-September for, among other things, dangerous bodily injury and assault on police officers, things got really bad. Isa was a kind of doorman of the Rigaer street 94. The K. couple also testified at the trial. Before the testimony, the state police is said to have assured them anonymity.But via their lawyers, members of the left-wing radical scene quickly got to the names of the witnesses. Other witnesses and local residents have also been systematically threatened and intimidated by the left-wing radicals, says Katharina K. A house wall has been smeared: "We know where you live when you talk to the police. Some witnesses were so frightened that they withdrew their statements. "We feel left alone by the police, but above all by the politicians. What else has to happen if left-wing radical violence is taken seriously," says Katharina K. "If I had known beforehand what would happen according to my testimony, I wouldn't have done it," says the therapist. Of course she would call an ambulance, but only anonymously. "I wouldn't testify as a witness anymore! 

*names changed

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