Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Germany: Asylum seeker threatens policemen with terrorist organisation "Islamic State at " REWE supermarket

Just escaped with a suspended sentence, and then the next felony. Only eleven days after a conviction for bodily injury and resistance, Mohamed L. (32 y/o) started a fight with five police officers in Dresden. "I am a victim," he said during the trial at the district court on Monday. In May, the rejected asylum seeker met two police officers at the REWE supermarket on Prager Street who had bought something to eat. "He approached me directly and bumped into me," said one of the officers (52 y/o). "I asked what that was all about. A violent discussion immediately began.He shouted: 'I want respect. I'm allowed to, I'm a refugee. When I asked for his ID card, he freaked out completely." According to the prosecution, the Tunisian threw himself down, hit his head on the asphalt, kicked around, spat at the officers, threatened them: "I am not afraid of death. I am IS. If I don't go to jail here, I'll come back and kill you and your family. I will kill all of you! No trace of remorse and apology. Only when the prosecutor demanded imprisonment for the accused did he ask the judge: "Give me another chance.But he had not made use of this opportunity: Eleven days before the riot at REWE supermarket, he had got seven months in prison. But the sentence was suspended on probation. "But you didn't prove yourself," said the judge, who now sentenced him to five months in prison. Without probation. And so the trained hairdresser, who allegedly used to have his own salon in Tunisia, now has to serve the new sentence in the same way as the previous suspended sentence. That means twelve months in prison.

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