Thursday, October 11, 2018

Turkish "police cars" spotted in Berlin, Germany -- Panic among critics of the Erdogan regime

The Turkish journalist Can Dündar, who is critical of the government, has been living under police protection in Germany since the state visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In Berlin, other critics no longer feel safe either. In order to intimidate them, several cars are said to be driving around the German capital that resemble the cars of the anti-terror unit "Özel Harekat", as pictures in social networks show. In the meantime, the police confirmed corresponding media reports. At least three of the questionably designed cars have been seen so far.According to German media reports, the vehicles, which resemble those of the Turkish special unit, have apparently been driving through Berlin since Erdogan's visit. In the case of Turkish opposition members living in Berlin, the cars would in any case cause unrest and fear. The observations are now making headlines not only in Germany, but also in Turkey.Hakan Tas, a left-wing politician in the House of Representatives, has reported the incident to the Berlin police. "The fact that such vehicles of the Erdogan regime are now also on the streets here, and that persecuted critics are being observed, worries me," Tas said.

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