Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Arabisation: Germany has already been eliminated in these Berlin school classes

It looks even worse than what Thilo Sarrazin's book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" (Germany is getting rid of itself) says at the schools in Berlin's Neukölln district. The director of the primary school "An der Köllnischen Heide", Astrid-Sabine Busse, now speaks in plain language in the tabloid BILD, she speaks of "Arabization" and says that integration has completely failed:"We're here at the front," the educator sounds the alarm. In summer 103 first graders came to her school - including only one child with German parents! At two other schools in the neighborhood, among 109 newly enrolled primary school children, there are just two children for whom German is the mother tongue and family language. Conclusion: Apart from the individual cases mentioned, there is no child in the classes who speaks German at home.The sentences that follow are normally only heard from the mouths of AfD politicians and expose Merkel's prayer mill-like incantations of "successful integration" as self-deception and voter deception: "The third, integrated generation of migrants, my ass. One still gets one's spouse from the former homeland. Another parent who doesn't speak German," says the 61-year-old director, who presumably has decades of experience in dealing with children of foreigners.According to the pedagogue, the social and housing policy of the city also seems to be decisively responsible for the ghettoisation of the district, which is then also reflected in the school, because the social structure of the surroundings ensures that integration remains a foreign word at the Neukölln schools. In former times the population structure was mixed despite the many social housing units. But due to the so-called "inappropriate occupancy charge", tenants with slightly higher incomes had to pay a fine. As a result, "high-income earners" moved away, leaving families with foreign roots in which often no one works at all.Headmistress Busse finds the situation completely unacceptable, but says: "I don't join the chorus of professional mourners - we have to manage somehow. Politics is only responsible for a few years. School, on the other hand, is always there. And the problems are obvious. These include aggressive fathers who have money, but refuse to pay one euro a day for their child's meals. 70 percent of the children have language deficits. For this there are 180 hours of extra language training per week."In the extended families with their typical Muslim patriarchal dominated family hierarchy the little ones hardly find peace and space for learning. Buses: "Many children do not have their own bed, let alone a place to work". Most children also lack "social competence". Even the basic rules of courtesy must be learned by primary school children from migrant families.

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