Saturday, November 24, 2018

Germany: The attack on an asylum seeker was invented

A 28-year-old asylum seeker from Pakistan who was seriously injured was found in the middle of the night on 12th of November and taken to hospital by helicopter. Now the " scandalous twist ": The attack was fictitious by the Pakistani refugee. There was talk of a cruel assault on an asylum seeker in the Upper Bavarian town of Schongau. The 28-year-old Pakistani had been badly beaten up on Monday evening. According to unconfirmed media reports it was still said two days after the crime that the person seeking protection was lying gagged and tied up on the side of the road, sometimes with serious injuries to his head, chest and genitals. According to media reports, the perpetrators had also pulled a shirt over the asylum seeker's head - the police assumed that the asylum seeker had been violently assaulted. Now there is clarity, according to the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ). The 28-year-old self-inflicted the injuries and invented the whole story. This was announced by the Police Headquarters of Upper Bavaria South on Friday afternoon. Now the man's in custody for faking a felony. The police had very quickly expressed doubts about the asylum seeker's statements. Further intensive and extensive investigations were then able to confirm these, so that in consultation with the Munich II public prosecutor's office in charge of the case, an investigation was initiated on the grounds that a crime had been faked. The 28-year-old then admitted in a new survey that he had completely invented the story. The investigators assume that the accused had a helper. The man's motive is still unclear. A political background is however excluded, it is said in addition finally.

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