Sunday, November 04, 2018

Germany: Dark-skinned man stabbing a 19-year-old woman on the street

The 19-year-old victim ran along Schlierbacher Street coming from Gallus market towards the downtown area at 11:15 pm on Saturday evening in the town of Kirchheim. The 19-year-old woman was caught by an unknown male at the level of St. Ulrich's Church. He obstructed the woman's way. In broken German, the stranger asked for a cigarette. When the 19-year-old said that she no more had cigarettes, the unknown suddenly became aggressive. Later, the unknown suddenly pulled a knife and led it abruptly towards the woman's body. At first, the 19-year-old was able to avoid the knife. After the unknown person made another movement, the 19-year-old suffered a superficial injury in the area of her face. Just as the stranger was reaching out again with the knife in his hand, two passers-by happened to pass by. After they called the perpetrator loudly, he abandoned the 19-year-old and fled in the direction of the footpath from the tax office. The victim went to safety in a nearby locality and called the police from there. The perpetrator was a 20 to 25 year old male with black dreadlocks.The person was dark-skinned, about 190cm tall and only spoke broken German. At the time of the crime the person was wearing a green sweater, brown trousers and red shoes. The Esslingen criminal investigation department has taken over the investigation. The police station Kirchheim/T. receives relevant information under the telephone number 07021/501-0. The two passers-by passing by the crime scene by chance are also asked to contact the Kirchheim/T. police station.

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