Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Germany: A Syrian refugee wants to force 10-year-old girl to come to his " home"

Yesterday evening the police in Neubrandenburg was asked by a Syrian family for help. The police officers went to the family's apartment on the Datzeberg. The 10-year-old victim girl reported in very fluent German about an incident which had occurred in front of a supermarket in Max-Adrion street: Around 6 p.m. she was approached in front of the market by a man who is known to her briefly from a former communal accommodation. The man was also a Syrian. He had told her to come to his home with him. When the girl denied this, he had grabbed her and tried to drag her away. The 10-year-old girl screamed and also fought back physically. Thereupon - apparently German - young people hurried to help her, so that she could walk home. The description of the girl made it possible to trace the name of a 43-year-old Syrian citizen. The man known to the police was visited and informed by the police officers. He was also given a first warning, i.e. it was explained to him that his actions were intolerable, must not be repeated under any circumstances and would result in criminal prosecution. In cooperation with the public prosecutor's office in Neubrandenburg, it is examined which criminal offences may be considered. Possible offences include attempted deprivation of liberty or coercion. The investigations have been taken over by the Neubrandenburg Criminal Investigation Department. The motivation of the suspect's actions must be investigated. Witnesses to the incident, in particular the young people who came to the girl's aid, are asked to contact the police on 0395/5582-2224 or any other police station.

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