Friday, November 23, 2018

Germany: Unbelievable ! Freiberg rapist has been a rejected asylum seeker since 2001

Never before in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany has there been too much messing around with its own population since the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has had its fingers in the pie somewhere:In October, a ten-year-old girl was sexually abused and two young women were sexually assaulted and raped in the Johannis spa in Freiberg. A question from the AfD parliamentary group (6/15168) showed that the perpetrator's asylum application had already been rejected in 2001. The offender was then tolerated in Saxony "because he did not present any travel documents and no travel documents could be obtained from his country of origin against the will of the citizen".There doesn't seem to be a better carte blanche to commit crimes here in the host country. Dr. Rolf Weigand, AfD state parliament delegate from central Saxony, explains this scandal:"This heinous crime is an example of the CDU's asylum policy, which has been completely misguided for years. Instead of deporting rejected asylum seekers, the CDU has negligently tolerated the actions that have led to several rapes and murders by this group of people in recent months already.However, the state government's justification is taking the biscuit: Because the criminals who have to leave the country are not prepared to cooperate in obtaining their passports, they unfortunately cannot be deported. This argumentation is not only a mockery of the victims, but also invites further abuse of asylum.With its attitude of refusal, the state government violates the law on a daily basis. According to the Dublin Regulation, asylum seekers who are required to leave the country can be deported to the country by entering EU territory for the first time - this applied to 99 percent of all cases of the 11,800 economic refugees in Saxony who are required to leave the country.The AfD will do everything in its power to put an end to this practice. We cannot and must not allow girls to be sexually abused by men who have no right whatsoever to be here!He's right. But unfortunately the elections in Saxony will not take place until next year - and until then these criminal migrants - thanks to the CDU - will still find enough female victims.

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