Saturday, November 24, 2018

Germany's dhimmi politicians are considering a tax for the construction of mosques

At the end of November, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) is organising the German Islam Conference (DIK) for the first time in years. With a view to the guest list for the kick-off conference, Home State Secretary Markus Kerber (CDU) declared that it represented the entire spectrum of Islam in Germany, from sharp critics to associations. Kerber told the tabloid "Bild" (Saturday edition): "We have invited the whole spectrum of Islamic life in Germany: Individuals, but also small, newly founded associations and federations, but also the traditional mosque umbrella organisations. We want to argue together and determine which topics should be brought forward in the next 3 years." The Home State Secretary was open to a debate on the introduction of a tax for the construction of mosques in Germany. "The goal must be that the mosques in Germany are no longer dependent on financial aid from abroad. The religious communities must decide for themselves whether a mosque tax, which would only be levied by the members of the respective religious community, is a solution", said Kerber. "But then the mosques would also have to meet the requirements of religious constitutional law for a public corporation, and they would have to meet a state that considers its structures to be permanent so that it can get involved. But more information is important in Germany, not least about the number of mosques. Kerber said that Germany does not need a "register" but lists from the federal states.

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