Monday, November 26, 2018

Migrant joke about working Germans and migrant benefits goes viral

Germany is being laughed at… migrant humour reveals the sad truth, migrants are taking the mick.

The political elite and leftist media have tried to convince Germans that the young illegal ‘refugee’ men (soldiers) coming in the hundreds of thousands to Germany will help the declining workforce.

Their arguments have long been that migration is to fill an increasing void in population to sustain labour and industry. This short video, that has gone viral, clearly reveals that to not be the case.

As well as statistics showing that the majority of migrants are not working at all, rather living off the benefits of the nationals who do work.

They are LAUGHING at you Germany!

Instead of lining up to join the German workforce, as the political elite & leftist media tried to make Germans believe, these young illegal "refugee" men (soldiers), in the hundreds of thousands, took refuge in Germany's generous welfare system

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