Friday, November 30, 2018

Ravensburg,Germany: A lenient sentence for attempted "honor killing"! Husband and brother stabbed 17-year-old pregnant Alaa, rammed a knife into her chest and neck, filmed her and mocked her in the process

In the trial about the attempted "honor killing" of Alaa W. (18 years old) a sentence has now been passed. Judge Veiko Böhm sends Alaa's brother Abd (21 y/o) to prison for seven years and six months for attempted murder, dangerous assault, threat and property damage, husband Alla R. (35 y/o) for six years and nine months. The victim's parents were sentenced to one year and ten months on probation. "It is not a clear case, but it is crystal clear that no one deserves to be disfigured in his face, stabbed in the chest and lying in his own blood to fear for his life," the judge said in his statement.Nevertheless, the verdict on Friday afternoon was more lenient than the prosecution had demanded. Prosecutor Florian Steinberg initially demanded nine years and six months for Brother Abd W. as well as a preventive detention under reserve for about half the time. Husband Alla should be according to public prosecutor's office for eight years in the cell. The parents should be sentenced according to its plea in each case to three years because of common dangerous bodily harm, since they resigned by calling the ambulance of the attempt to commit the bodily harm. Amely Schweizer, on the other hand, pleaded for the victim's mother to be acquitted: "After the crime, the parents tried everything they could to get Abd out of the apartment in order to prevent something worse from happening. According to the court's suspicions, there were no agreements between the parents, brother and husband to kill the young Alaa on the spot. Her brother Abd was the driving force behind the crime. Husband Alla is said to have been spurred on by him.
On the evening of February 27, 2018, a young woman lies on her bed, covered in blood, crying, holding her belly, calling for help and finally bending down. Alaa W. (then 17 y/o) was brutally stabbed!

The suspects: Alaas own brother Abd W. (21y/o) and her Syrian husband Alla R. (35). Alaa should die because she had fallen in love with Jamal (27 y/o). So she allegedly defiled the honor of the family!
The then 17-year-old was with Jamal and pregnant by him in the third month. She had separated from her husband and wanted to move in with her boyfriend as soon as she turned 18 - but her parents wouldn't accept that. She continued to live with her husband in her parents' apartment. At the end of February the situation escalated!
In the nursery, the men rammed a knife into her chest and neck countless times, slitting the corners of her mouth. Alaa miraculously survived the attack and was seriously injured when she came to the clinic. The child also survived.
During his atrocities, Brother Abd filmed himself with his cell phone, making a total of 13 videos, three of which he sends to Alaas new friend Jamal. Around 9:28 p.m. the two perpetrators left the apartment and fled. Father Samih W. made an emergency call. Alaa was in intensive care until 1st of March and had to undergo surgery because of cuts on both hands. Tendons and nerves were severed. Air poured into the pericardium of the then 17-year-old.
The victim had testified in camera.

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