Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sexual harassment in Rinteln, Germany : Woman defends herself against a Lebanese man - now she is under investigation

Last Saturday evening in Rinteln, Lower Saxony, a Lebanese attempted to sexually harass a woman on the river Weser bridge, but she was able to use pepper spray to force the attacker to flee and thus prevent worse. Now the police are investigating the woman.The police report describes the incident in detail: On Saturday around 8:35 p.m. a 20-year-old Lebanese harassed a woman on the river Weser bridge. She resists the harassment and sprays the attacker with pepper spray. This incident was described to the police officers by a witness.The fact that the young woman left before the arrival of the police and was not able to be questioned about the harassment is being used to investigate the hitherto unknown woman for dangerous bodily injury." Reversal of perpetrator and victim ? Then the police report continues:

"Shortly after this incident, a 20-year-old Turk from the above-mentioned victim's group sprays a group of people who were witnesses to the above-mentioned incident with a pepper spray. A 25 year old woman from Stadthagen is injured. The victim of the first bodily injury then goes towards downtown." 

If I understand the somewhat unclear text of the police correctly, the Lebanese is now seen as the victim and the woman as the perpetrator ...But the night of violence in Rinteln, which was very peaceful in itself, went even further: 

"On the market square the 20-year-old Lebanese strikes several people and steps after another one. Then he takes a filled glass bottle and throws it in the direction of a group of people who have observed this attack. Only by luck a 22 year old from the Extertal is not hit.Since the 20-year-old Lebanese was under the influence of alcohol and it was to be assumed that he would commit further crimes, he spent the night in a detention cell of the Rinteln police. The 20-year-old Lebanese is now under investigation for several assaults."

According to the press release and all our experiences so far, it can be assumed that the Lebanese is now at large again and the police are still searching for the woman who simply did not want to be raped by one of our foreign guests. What signal such news sends out is clear...

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