Thursday, November 22, 2018

Taharrush in Troisdorf, Germany: Young woman sexually harassed by so-called " gang of men ", grabbed in the intimate area and robbed

As the district police authority Rhein-Sieg district announced yesterday, a 23-year-old girl from Troisdorf was mobbed, hunted down, captured, sexually harassed, grabbed and robbed by three unknown perpetrators whose presumed nationality or origin is not to be mentioned for political reasons and to protect the perpetrators on Monday morning ( 19th of November 2018) around 8:00 a.m..First, the young woman was mobbed by the three men sitting on a bench by a bridge. According to police, the 23-year-old ignored the three strangers and went on. But the three 25-30 year old men followed the pedestrian and captured her on the bridge to attack her:One of the perpetrators protected by our politicians, with a " Mediterranean " appearance, dark shoulder-length hair and a bun, pressed the Troisdorf woman against the bridge railing, opened her jacket against the will of the woman and grabbed her between her legs in the intimate area. While the so-called " Mediterranean man " grabbed his victim even more, a second perpetrator with dark, highly gelled hair pulled the young woman's backpack from her back, rummaged through it and made loot to the amount of about 150 euros. The third black-haired perpetrator with a southern appearance stood next to his accomplices and watched their activities. Unfortunately no further data are available to the victim of the witness and hero "Richard". The police need the testimony of the courageous helper as well as of other witnesses for their further investigations and asks for contact under the telephone number 02241 541-3221.

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