Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Want a German visa? Just buy it in the Middle East and become a legal migrant

Human traffickers collaborate with corrupt German officials at German consulates in Middle Eastern states selling forged visas.

German Der Spiegel revealed the scheme selling forged visas to migrants seeking to go to Germany as refugees. The German authorities are reluctant to investigate these cases.

The corrupt schemes “have been run smoothly [by employees]in the visa centres of many German diplomatic missions abroad,” especially in the Middle East.

Der Spiegel reported naming the consulates as an “Achilles heel” in the battle against people smuggling, also calling the local employees a “weak spot” as they are working with people smugglers.

The local human traffickers offered the visas to their clients via corrupt consulate officials without need for approval by the visa and registration department in Germany.

The false document costs between £2,350 and £10,200 and allow the asylum seeker to ‘legally’ enter Germany through its refugee reception programme.


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