Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Woman sexually harassed in Germany: Pakistani arrested in Meran, South Tyrol

Law enforcement officials arrested a Pakistani man on Tuesday against whom an international arrest warrant has been issued. According to the Bozen police headquarters, the Pakistani is said to have sexually harassed a young woman in a park in the German city of Dresden. In October 2016, the 33-year-old Pakistani is said to have first detained a young woman in a park in Dresden and then touched her immorally. The victim was only just able to tear herself free and flee. After his deed the man had disappeared without a trace. In his absence, however, he was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment by a Dresden court. Shortly afterwards, a European arrest warrant was issued. After the officials had suspected, on the basis of a data check, that the wanted person could possibly be in Meran, this was to be confirmed on Tuesday. The Pakistani was taken to the prison in Bolzano.

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