Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Attack on railway line in Berlin, Germany -- Railway attackers left behind ISIS flag

On Sunday afternoon in Berlin, a damaged overhead line was found on the long-distance railway track to the main station. Apparently, an attack was carried out on the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn). According to newspaper BILD, leaflets and an ISIS flag were found nearby. Also on Tuesday, according to BILD information, officers of the federal police, police and forensic technology were on the line to look for evidence. On Sunday, around 11.50 a.m., Deutsche Bahn informed the federal police about the damage between the suburban train stations Wuhlheide and Karlshorst. The Federal Police forces found a torn catenary wire and a damaged power cable.The train traffic had to be stopped on the track. According to a police spokesman, the lines of the suburban and regional trains were affected. Three regional trains were diverted. The long-distance traffic could apparently be diverted as well, and after about an hour and a half the line was clear again.Police officers of the Berlin police took over the further investigations on the spot. Forensic technicians secured traces and took photos of the place on suspicion of a dangerous violation of railway traffic. In addition, evidence was found.According to BILD, a hook was also found. Federal police are said to have discovered about 60 leaflets with Arabic signs and an ISIS flag within a radius of 300 meters. The Berlin police did not want to comment. The case is reminiscent of an attack on an high-speed train (ICE) in Bavaria. There was an attack on 7th of October on an ICE line between Nuremberg and Munich. According to BILD information, a steel cable was stretched over the tracks and wooden wedges were mounted on the rails on the line in Allersberg in central Franconia. The ICE was speeding through, the train driver had noticed a suspicious noise. At first, a short circuit was assumed.The investigators then found a "threatening letter in Arabic script" and an Arabic graffito on a bridge pier. According to BILD information, the letter also threatened further attacks - but without naming any concrete targets. In the current case, the evaluation of the evidence is still ongoing. The State Police Department at the Berlin State Criminal Investigation Office is investigating the existence of a political motive for the crime.

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