Thursday, December 20, 2018

Austria: Chechen threatens to kill his classmates

A 13-year-old Chechen student keeps a new secondary school in Leonding, Upper Austria, in a state of fear. He is said to have repeatedly threatened his classmates with "stabbing them all". The headmistress alerted the police, but there is no legal means to do so, as the Chechen will not be punishable for three months. The 13-year-old has already become conspicuous several times and has even changed schools several times."The headmistress filed the complaint with the police", says the responsible compulsory school inspector Johann Götzenberger. In the meantime, the police have started investigations, the children are being questioned. The parents are worried about their children. "But we have been told that legal action against the boy is not possible because he is too young," tells a worried mother to the "Krone", who is afraid for her daughter."Who guarantees the safety of my child at school?" Especially controversial: Even a suspension of the student is inadmissible! Since the 13-year-old Chechen is required to attend school, he cannot be completely excluded from lessons. The only thing that remains for those responsible is to hope that nothing will happen in the next three months. 3,500 people from Chechnya currently live in Upper Austria. The fact that they do not have the best reputation in this country is not least due to the fact that individual Chechens repeatedly attract attention through particularly brutal and unscrupulous crimes. The Greens' state councillor Rudi Anschober recently made the public uncomprehending when he set up a project to train Chechen children and young people in martial arts, among other things.

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