Thursday, December 20, 2018

BREAKING: Car jihad in Recklinghausen, Germany ? So far, one dead woman and 14 injured -- Police say that the driver consciously drove into the crowd


The driver of the terrorist car is of Bosnian origin. In Bosnia, over 50 percent of the population are members of "the religion of peace".
A small car raced into a crowd at a bus stop in Recklinghausen ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) - possibly intentionally! One woman died, eight people were injured, some of them seriously. According to initial police findings, the car suddenly left the road at 2.52 p.m. on Thursday. The driver then ran over the oncoming lane towards the group. Several people were apparently caught. Possibly the man did this consciously. Police spokeswoman Ramona Hörst: "There are first indications of a possible attempt by the man to commit suicide.The fire brigade has launched a major operation! Firefighters freed the driver from the car. Contrary to first statements he was not trapped in the wreck.Five emergency doctors, five ambulances and two ambulances are coming! Rescuers from Recklinghausen, Haltern, Gladbeck, Marl, Herten, Datteln and Castrop were in action, the first ones were already there after minutes.One of them was senior fire chief Christian Schell (30 years old): "It was a chaotic situation. Various first-aiders, including employees of a nearby orthodontist and the crew of a patrol car, took care of the injured. We first had to get an overview."The fire brigade counted a total of 14 victims, nine of whom were injured. One woman suffered a so-called polytrauma, the most serious, life-threatening injuries! She and five other victims were hospitalized. The woman died there in the afternoon.

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