Saturday, December 29, 2018

Germany: 50 criminal charges, but nevertheless leniency with Turkish serial offender

Serial offenders have free rein in Germany - under certain circumstances: A 37-year-old Turk has been keeping the police in Uelzen, Lower Saxony on their toes for months. Despite a ban on approaching women, he pursues women, molests passers-by, tries to get into cars with strangers, riots and behaves very aggressively. Also at Christmas the police had to move out several times because of him according to az-online.According to the police, there were only four hours between the last two operations and subsequent detention. After he had slept in a cell on Christmas Day, he was released. A little later, a patrol car had to go into action again, because he - again drunk - had, among other things, gone to a pub and rioted there.More than 50 criminal charges have already been filed. In mid-December, he had been taken into " long-term custody" almost daily for ten days. According to the public prosecutor's office of the district court, ten charges have already been filed. However, there were no reasons for detention on remand. Would a deportation to the home country be a solution in such a case?

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