Friday, December 28, 2018

Germany: Aggressive Somali man kicks policemen disabled

With a sobering up in the Dillenburg police custody and charges because of insult on sexual basis, resistance against law enforcement officials, insult as well as dangerous bodily injury ended on the previous Saturday noon a police operation for a 22-year-old Somalian. Around 12.35 p.m. the young man living in Dillenburg met his victims, a 35 and 42 year old couple from Dillenburg, at the train station and persecuted them to the centre of the village. He touched his genitals several times and made obscene gestures in the direction of both of them. A witness became aware of the situation and informed the police by emergency call.He kept the contact and always informed the police of the current status of the perpetrator running towards Oberscheld. In the end, a patrol of the Dillenburg police arrested the obviously drunk and unruly perpetrator. Since he became ever more aggressive, a patrol from Herborn supported their Dillenburger colleagues. Finally, the police put on the 22-year-old's handcuffs and transported him to the Dillenburg police station by car. In the car, the 22-year-old insulted and spat at one of the policemen. The arrested person resisted again when he got out of the car in the courtyard of the police station. He was able to kick a policeman in the face with a work shoe and a steel toe cap. In the end, the police officers managed to lock him in a cell. The colleague who had been hit suffered a bruise on his lower jaw and a concussion and was unable to continue his service.Another policeman complained of massive back pain after the resistance. The 22-year-old's breath alcohol test showed a value of over two per mille. A public prosecutor on call ordered his sobering up in police custody and a blood sample. Finally, he was released from custody in the afternoon of the following day.

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