Saturday, December 22, 2018

Germany: Bielefeld Integration Prize for an Islamist and fascist admirer?

Adil Önder is the chairman of the Bielefeld Merkez Cami-i / Central Mosque, which belongs to the DITIB association led by Erdogan. Now he is to receive the integration prize of the city of Bielefeld. The values initiative has now sent an open letter to Bielefeld's Lord Mayor Pit Clausen and the Stockmeyer Foundation: 

Dear Lord Mayor Clausen, 
Ladies and Gentlemen, 

one would hardly believe:   the chairman of the Bielefeld Merkez Cami-i / Central Mosque (DITIB), Mr. Adil Önder, posed at the monument for Alparslan Türkes (see above). He is the founder of the Grey Wolves, was a Hitler admirer, anti-Semite and neo-Fascist nationalist. And what happens 2 months later? Mr. Önder receives the Integration Award of the City of Bielefeld. On the surface this was a reason to congratulate him. But what does the prize winner actually stand for behind his mimicry? After a short investigation: We are horrified! Have those responsible been deceived by a possibly legalistic Islamist? The Islamists are harmless, but have a clear religious-political agenda. 
 Did you know that? If yes, how could you judge that to be clearly of secondary importance? If not: Will you now deprive him of the price? Also in the case of the commemoration ceremony at Breitscheid square 2016 we had pointed out with a great response from the press: the Imam appearing at the commemoration service should not have been invited (after a short background research) due to his activities or attitudes contradicting with the democratic constitution (FDGO). In our opinion, it is the task of the state to strengthen the elements of a society which not only clearly commit themselves to the libertarian democratic basic order, but also practice it. In our opinion, Mr Önder is not one of them. 

Our background: 
The Values Initiative has established itself as a Jewish voice in civil society in Germany since 2014. It is a non-profit association. We stand up for the strengthening of the values of the libertarian democratic basic order from a Jewish perspective. We are doing this by promoting the value-based political, societal and mediation discourse, civic Jewish engagement in Germany and German-Israeli relations. We are active in social media, conduct background talks and organize discussion rounds as well as political meetings. 

 We would like to point out that we will communicate this letter and your answer publicly, unless you impose it on us otherwise. Personal contact details and signatures will be made illegible. 

 With kind regards 

 Dr. Elio Adler 

 Association chairman

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