Sunday, December 30, 2018

Germany: Mass brawl amongst Arabic-speaking -- two seriously injured

Yesterday Saturday evening, several men near Cologne's main railway station got into a violent argument for unknown reasons. Two 29-year-olds suffered severe injuries from knife wounds to the leg and blows to the head. According to witnesses, the suspects, presumably speaking in Arabic language, ran away from Breslauer Square in various directions. Around 11.15 p.m., witnesses dialed 911 and described a brawl by a larger group of men.Some were trying to tear barrier posts out of the ground and bottles and stones were also thrown. On site, the police met two injured men (29 years old) of Afghan origin. One of them had a stab wound on his leg and a cut on one hand. The other had a laceration on his head. According to their own statements, the two had first got into a verbal argument with their fleeting acquaintances a few minutes earlier. From this a brawl developed, where one of the opponents stabbed him with a knife and another hit him with a bottle. Ambulances took the injured to a hospital. The criminal investigation department has started the investigation. Witnesses are requested to contact the Criminal Investigation Department 51 with information under the telephone number 0221/229-0 or by e-mail at

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