Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Germany: Migrant tries to lure 13-year-old girl into his car

On Friday, December 14, around 4 pm, the driver of a small dark grey car engaged a 13-year-old schoolgirl in a conversation, showed her adult content on his mobile phone and tried several times to lure the girl into his car. The girl did not get in and then ran away. The Dillenburg CID investigates sexual abuse of children. The incident occurred where behind the Bismarck monument the stairs lead through the forest to the large car park above the City Hall. The driver stood in the girl's way and talked to her through the turned down window of the driver's door. When he had to manoeuvre briefly to make room for a car coming from behind, the girl used this opportunity and went up the stairs.When she looked back, the gray car drove off to the movies. The driver of the incoming blue car should have remembered the shunting area to allow her to pass through. The police are hoping that the woman will provide them with further important information about the man in the grey car and are therefore urging her to contact them. The girl described the man as 30 to 40 years old, "a bit Asian" looking with darker skin. He had all black hair with non-natural looking curls and a light beard like unshaven. She noticed a dark mark on the man's left eye. In the car, there were groceries in a fruit box in the back seat, as if he had just arrived from shopping. The girl could not understand the man's language, which was not accent-free. Who can use this description to give hints that could help to identify the girl? Who was still in Bismarck street at the memorial on Friday, December 14, around 4 p.m. and who observed the encounter between the schoolgirl and the man sitting in the car and who can give information about the car and the man? Please contact the Dillenburg CID, Tel. 06461/907-0.

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