Thursday, December 20, 2018

Germany: Search for Syrian asylum seeker for killing his 16-year-old daughter

After in-depth investigations into the skeleton found on the Findberg, the Aschaffenburg Criminal Investigation Department and the Public Prosecutor's Office can now provide more detailed information on identity. According to this, the missing 16-year-old is Mezgin Nassan, who has been missing since May 2017. The search for Hashem Nassan, the student's father, is in full swing on suspicion of an attempted and a completed homicide.Her father, Hashem Nassan, is meanwhile 44 years old and is urgently suspected of being responsible for the girl's death. Since the beginning of June 2017, an arrest warrant has been issued for him on suspicion of attempted manslaughter to the detriment of the 23-year-old friend of the 16-year-old who was then her friend. The suspect is said to have met the 23-year-old on Friday night ( 2nd of June 2017) at the Aschaffenburg raft harbour and severely injured him with a stabbing weapon in the neck area. The 23-year-old, also a Syrian citizen, had been found by local residents and admitted to a clinic by the rescue service. The search measures immediately initiated after the crime have so far been without result. In addition, Hashem Nassan is also the subject of an international arrest warrant for the execution of a total term of imprisonment of nine months, which the Aschaffenburg Local Court imposed on him in a judgment of 17th of May 2017, legally effective since 23rd of May 2017. The Aschaffenburg Local Court found Hashem Nassan guilty of beating his daughter Mezgin in May and June 2016, inflicting haematomas on her and threatening her in one of these cases. Police and public prosecutor's office now ask again for information from the population under Tel. 06021/857-1732 and ask: Who can provide information about Hashem Nassan's current whereabouts?He is 44 years old, about 180 centimetres tall, has a strong figure, dark brown hair and secret hairline corners. He could be abroad, but also in Germany.Who saw the killed 16-year-old schoolgirl on Thursday, May 4th, 2017, in the area of the vocational school in the Seidel street in Aschaffenburg or the opposite Norma parking lot or even afterwards? Who made observations in the area of the Findberg street in Haibach on and around the 4th of May 2017? Who noticed a dark blue Peugeot 206 in the area of the Findberg or the vocational school? Who knew the 16-year-old and can provide any other relevant information?

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