Monday, December 31, 2018

Syrians attack German couple with knives at Crimmitschau railway station

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, two Syrians and a German couple from Crimmitschau had an argument at the railway station. Nobody was injured. According to the spouses, the 42-year-old husband was threatened with a knife for unknown reasons by a 21-year-old Syrian at the  station while validating the train ticket, whereupon he pulled out a self-defense spray. Thereupon, a second 19-year-old Syrian is said to have jumped into the track bed and grabbed a ballast stone, with which he in turn threatened the 40-year-old wife. The confrontation ended with the entry of the train to Zwickau, which was used by both the Syrians and the Germans. Federal police officers summoned to the Werdau station arrested both Syrians - supported by five police officers from the Werdau police station - for the time being and took them with them to the Zwickau federal police station on charges of the threat. There they found on the older of the two men - who, according to his own information, was under the influence of drugs - a clip bag with just under one gram of marijuana and 8 hemp seeds. The illegal narcotics were collected by the police and the man was reported to the police. A kitchen knife with a blade length of about 8 cm and a cutter knife were also seized from the accused.  After all necessary police measures had been completed, both suspects - the 21-year-old living in Crimmitschau and the 19-year-old without permanent residence - were released from custody.

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