Thursday, December 27, 2018

The latest from Mrs Merkel' s Gulag: Name of the AfD member of state parliament Heiner Merz removed from the university homepage

The state parliament representative of the AfD party, Heiner Merz, will be removed from the list of graduates that can be found on the homepage of the University of Stuttgart, as reported by news magazine tag24. The 55-year-old graduated from the University of Stuttgart and received his doctorate in 2013. In a statement, the university stated that it was not possible to deny him a doctorate because he would have to be proven to have committed scientific misconduct. Heiner Merz had caused outrage in the federal state and beyond, because he disrespectfully expressed himself about women quotas in an e-mail to an employee of the authorities. The truth-loving AfD politician had written: "By the way, quotas only benefit unqualified, stupid, lazy, ugly and repugnant women; the well-qualified, the hard-working and the suitably qualified  had and have a good future. For this he should have received the Federal Cross of Merit for Honesty. But he did not. His mail was published by the Greens' Environment Minister Franz Untersteller, which in turn called on the usual politically correct mob. In a petition to, 40,000 supporters appealed to the University of Stuttgart to withdraw Heiner Merz's doctorate.The whole thing reminds a little of the customs in Stalin's Soviet Union. The disgraced and executed members of the Central Committee were retouched from old photographs after their deaths.

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