Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“The people’s win” Belgian Prime Minister resigns over UN Migration Pact

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has said he will resign after facing a no confidence motion in his government. The decision can be seen as another result of the migrant crisis and especially the UN Migration Pact.

The member states of the European Union have taken in the bulk of migrants since the 2015 ‘crisis’. The influx of millions of ‘refugees’, mostly seen as economic migrants, has changed the make up of EU member states’.

Migrant criminality rising in countries where the number of migrants has also risen has given way to votes such as Brexit and the rise of populist politicians.

The career ending UN Migration Compact has seen millions across the globe signing their names to petition after petition in at least half the member states demanding their governments not sign it.

In Belgium we saw protests, including by the N-VA, Belgium’s largest party and part of the Prime Minister’s coalition, against the signing of the Migration pact.

The party announced it would leave the coalition if the Prime Minister would go to Morocco to sign the pact.

Prime Minister Charles Michel did not change his plans and was forced to replace several N-VA minister in his government, which would now continue as a minority government.

The motion of confidence had been put forward by the socialists and greens over his stubborn stance. Today he has announced to parliament, “I have decided to resign and will immediately go to see the king”.


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