Friday, December 28, 2018

Threat from asylum seekers from the Middle East - church services under police protection in Garding, Germany

Photo: Church in Garding
 Klaaschwotzer [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

Under very special circumstances Christmas was celebrated in Garding in the district of North Frisia. During all three services on Christmas Eve, staff members of a guard service stood at the only open entrance to St. Christian's Church (photo above) in the middle of the market square. The police were also on patrol. Pastor Thomas Knippenberg reports on request that the police will also be present at all events in the church until mid-January.The reason: An asylum seeker from the Middle East had smeared the church with Islamic slogans on the Third Sunday of Advent. When a citizen discovered him, he threatened that person, according to Pastor Knippenberg. "We then made contact with the police." The young man had also molested visitors to the Star Singing on that Sunday. He also quarreled with Pastor Knippenberg. "Obviously, he has something against Christian Christmas."In order to consider what should be done for the safety of the citizens, the pastor, the police, the social psychiatric service, the town, the church district of North Frisia and the bishop's chancellery held a conference in the week before Christmas, as Knippenberg further reports, who by the way removed the graffiti himself. The young man was banned from the church and the church forecourt. For the Christmas Eve service a professional guard service was engaged, since the police on Eiderstedt was present only with a patrol car. "So we could celebrate the divine service relatively relaxed."The precautions proved to be correct: the young man also showed up, but was successfully expelled. "It was good for me to feel that we are standing together here in Garding," says Pastor Knippenberg with a view to 24th of December. "The people of Garding did not allow themselves to be deterred from coming to the service. Even Bishop Gothart Magaard called Christmas Eve to convey support and intercession. "I hope that peace will now return."And of course the usual Neo-German dumb gossip at the end of this article. Mayor Andrea Kummerscheidt of Merkel's alleged Christian Democratic Party expresses her concerns: "I hope this incident doesn't attract right-wing radicals to Garding. We don't want them here."

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