Thursday, December 27, 2018

Vienna: Brutal Attack on Monks in Church -- Five victims have been seriously injured -- Special Forces seal off parts of the city.

Massive police operation on Thursday afternoon in the Viennese district of Strebersdorf: Two perpetrators attacked several monks in a church at about 1.30 p.m. and detained them for hours. At least five victims are said to have been seriously injured. The suspects took flight. A large-scale manhunt is under way. The special forces WEGA and Cobra are on duty. A Cobra helicopter is currently circling over the scene of the crime. On Thursday, two unknowns stormed the Catholic church in Anton-Böck street, tied up several monks and robbed them. According to police, at least one of the perpetrators demanded valuables and cash. The unidentified persons must have been extremely brutal. Several of the victims were seriously injured. The suspects then fled. The victims were discovered about 4.15 pm. The police are on the scene with a large contingent of emergency personnel. The area between Langenzersdorfer street, Anton-Böck street and Krottenhofgasse street was closed off. "Please avoid the restricted area and let our colleagues work on site", asks the police via Twitter for consideration.

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