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Germany: Kosovo Albanian stabs woman to death

A 55-year-old man stabbed his 52-year-old wife to death in Künzell last Friday at noon. In addition to the facts, the public prosecutor's office in Fulda and the police headquarters in East Hesse announced today: The persons involved are a German couple of Kosovar origin. They lived in a shared apartment in Künzell and have four children of adult age. The cause of the knife attack was probably personal relationship problems between the spouses. According to the results of the preliminary autopsy report and the first investigations, the 55-year-old allegedly stabbed his wife five times sitting in the passenger seat of the car. She suffered life-threatening injuries. She died shortly afterwards during the emergency operation in the hospital. The public prosecutor's office has initiated an investigation on suspicion of murder. The arrest warrant issued by the Fulda District Court was enforced and the 55-year-old was remanded in custody.

Germany: Daughter's haircut allegedly triggers Muslim brawl

Haircut or rather the lack of a headscarf ? The police report on the incident:

Last Saturday afternoon, a 36-year-old Iraqi and a previously unknown man attacked a 33-year-old Syrian at Pforzheim Central Station. The suspects struck their victim for several minutes with fists against the head, neck and arms. The massive physical confrontation was preceded by an argument between the 36-year-old and his ex-wife. She was accompanied by the 33-year-old and her four children, also at the station. The reason for the dispute is said to have been the haircut of the joint daughter of the former spouses. The federal police are now investigating the 36-year-old ex-husband and his unknown companion for dangerous bodily injury.

Suspicion of Islamic extremism among the Greens in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg's Green Party leadership has instigated internal proceedings against two of the 16 newly elected Green district representatives in Hamburg-Mitte on suspicion of being close to extremism, Islamism and terrorism. Four other members of parliament expressed their solidarity with the two concerned. Some of the Greens in Hamburg's centre have suspected the Social Democrats of being responsible for numerous new members of the Greens.The two parties concerned, against whom an internal  proceeding is now being examined, have not been members of the Greens for long, according to statements from the party.Shafi Sediqi and Fatih Can Karismaz are said to be close to extremist organisations. One of them is said to have called for donations on Facebook for Ansaa International, an Islamic aid organisation with links to the Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas, whose ban is already being examined by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The 27-year-old student Fatih-Can Karismaz is said to be close to the highly controversial Islamic movement Milli Görus and to have a dubious attitude to equality between men and women.The party itself had noticed the indications of possible extremist connections, no security authorities had contacted the faction beforehand," Green party leader Anna Gallina tried to present to the tabloid Mopo. "Just as we clearly oppose the Right wing and the AfD, we must also make it clear that this form of extremism has no place here," Gallina continues.Not all Green district representatives want to support the decision. Four of them did not join the faction out of solidarity with the two accused. Not all Green district representatives want to support the decision. Four of them did not join the faction out of solidarity with the two accused. Thus, the Greens, despite their great electoral success, no longer represent the strongest faction in Hamburg Central, but fall behind the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which has 14 seats.Some of the Green party members seem to believe that the Social Democrats have their fingers in the pie and suspect the Red comrades of having been responsible  for these party joins to the Greens.  According to the Hamburger Abendblatt, the background to these suspicions is that one of the victims was very committed to a social project that was supported by the Social Democrats. However, there is no evidence for the Green hypothesis so far.

Reduction of sentence for an Eritrean by a German court: Allegedly traumatised asylum seeker stabs son (11 y/o) of refugee aide

There is never a lack of excuses for do-gooders and the cretins of the asylum industry, no matter what crime an immigrant beloved by Merkel commits or has committed.Murdered visitors to public festivals, abused female students, mass brawls by "groups of people", daily knife attacks. Again and again the principle is valid for red-green Lefties: perpetrator protection prior to victim protection. One must simply say that one comes from a non-European country and one is mentally disturbed and does not know what one is doing.
In the current case, the grateful economic refugee Abdulrahman M. has tried to kill an 11-year-old boy in Passau with a knife in African resp. Muslim tradition of gratitude to the infidels. The 11-year-old boy was pushed into a room by Merkel's imported knife expert from Eritrea and attacked there with a knife with the intention of killing him. 
The tabloid Bild even reports that he screamed "die, die, die" while he was doing so. Various stab wounds and a cut over the larynx confirm the clear intention to kill. Only because of the family dog and massive resistance of the boy is it to be owed that he survived the thankfulness of the refugee from Eritrea.
The newspaper Bild reports: 

Seven years and six months imprisonment for attempted murder and dangerous assault. Because the man suffered terrible experiences as a refugee, he was given a reduction in the punishment. The judge: "In his favour we must assume that the paranoia was a factor. If that was the case, then a reduced ability to control cannot be ruled out." And further: "During his escape from Africa he experienced terrible things in Libya, he was tortured and imprisoned. He himself probably did not come to us without scars on his soul."

You wonder who's really traumatized here? Obviously, however, nobody is interested in the fate of a child. 
The 11-year-old doesn't dare to leave the house, doesn't go to school and has no free time anymore.

Berlin's Jewish problem

The director of Berlin’s Jewish Museum, Peter Schäfer, resigned last week following severe criticism from Germany’s Jewish community over the museum’s support for BDS efforts in the country. At issue was Schäfer’s behavior amid incidents that stretched back years, but “the final straw,” according to Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was a tweet sent out June 6 by the museum’s spokeswoman, encouraging Twitter followers to read an article critical of the German parliament’s passage of a resolution declaring the BDS movement antisemitic.Putting aside the issue of BDS itself, what does it have to do with a Jewish museum? And not any Jewish museum, but one in Germany – and not just one in Germany, but the Berlin showcase, ever since Daniel Libeskind first sketched his plans for the celebrated zigzag-shaped building. Opened in 2001, it now attracts 700,000 visitors annually, a destination it itself describes as a “place for reflection” on Jewish history, culture, migration and diversity in Germany. So what does that have to do with the Bundestag voting on the BDS movement? At a time when Germany’s government commissioner on antisemitism suggests that Jews should not always wear their kippah in public, in the wake of a spike in anti-Jewish attacks in Germany, the BDS resolution should have nothing to do with a cultural institution whose mission is explaining Jewish traditions, history and art. We again salute the Bundestag for its courageous action, for becoming the first European parliament to officially define and state clearly how BDS uses antisemitic methods to promote its political goals. “‘Don’t buy’ stickers of the BDS movement on Israeli products remind one of inevitable associations with the Nazi call ‘Don’t buy from Jews,’ and other corresponding graffiti on facades and shop windows,” said the non-binding parliament resolution. Schäfer at first tried to explain the tweet as merely encouraging discussion of the boycott campaign, rather than endorsing the substance of the article – which was a petition by 240 Jewish and Israeli scholars criticizing the May 17 Bundestag resolution. The tweet included the hashtag, #mustread. This was not the first time Schäfer’s actions were called into question. After the original tweet blew open the storm, he was quoted as saying that he regretted the tweet – and adding that the museum was never tasked with taking sides in current political debates. But it did. Time and again, the Jewish Museum Berlin got involved in politics, even before Schäfer came on board, though he continued the dishonorable tradition. In 2012, the museum hosted the pro-BDS academic Judith Butler, after she expressed support for the terrorist entities Hezbollah and Hamas in 2006.Under Schäfer, the museum invited the antisemitic head of the cultural affairs department at the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, Seyed Ali, for a personal tour. Schäfer was also slammed for promoting an exhibition on Jerusalem that included a work depicting “the new outlines of Palestine” on a mosaic consisting of square pieces of soap. In December, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding the closure of the exhibition, saying that it amounted to a one-sided “Palestinian-Muslim view.” Objecting to Israeli policy is political criticism, and there’s nothing inherently antisemitic about that. But depicting a political issue using the hot-button item like soap – in Germany! – is inherently antisemitic. Then came the June 6 tweet – first reported by The Jerusalem Post’s Benjamin Weinthal – and Central Council chairman Schuster responded forcefully. “Enough is enough,” he wrote. “The Jewish Museum Berlin seems to be completely out of control. Under these conditions, one has to wonder whether the term ‘Jewish’ is still appropriate.” Shuster welcomed Schäfer’s resignation, saying that Judaism should have “more influence” in the building in the future. In his statement of resignation, Schäfer said he was doing it “to avoid further harm to the Jewish Museum Berlin.” He should have done it a long time ago.

German Green Party Proposes Ban on All Industrial Farming

The Green party in Germany said it will ban industrial farming to reduce global warming if it comes to power.

The measure was proposed by Katrin Goering-Eckardt, the party’s leader in the Germany parliament, as part of a massive €100 billion project to finance climate initiatives.

For several years, climate change doomsayers have turned their attention to cattle, as a series of reports demonstrated that “livestock emissions” are more dangerous for the environment than automobiles.

A 2016 article at EcoWatch declared that greenhouse gas emissions from livestock account for a higher percentage of total global emissions than the world’s 1.2 billion automobiles.

Whereas the entire transportation sector accounts for only some 14 percent of global emissions, cows produce a remarkable 14.5 to 18 percent of the global total, the article noted.

Already in 2012, a United Nations report had asserted that the earth’s cattle population produces more CO2 than automobiles, planes, and all other forms of transport combined. Moreover, between belching, defecation, and flatulence, cows produce a third of the world’s methane emissions, which are considered 20 times more detrimental to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Radical greens concluded that it is time to reduce the global cow population, which means dramatically reducing western consumption of meat. As a result, vegans, vegetarians, and animal rights activists have joined climate change agitators in insisting that meat-eating is no longer an ecologically acceptable human activity.

In 2013, Germany’s Green party sought to launch a weekly “veggie day,” a project that reportedly failed to garner much support from ordinary citizens.

Recalling this fiasco, Christian Lindner, the leader of the pro-business Free Democrats, warned last week that the Greens “dream of a meat-less country.”

“Whoever wants to be vegan is free to do so, but the rest of us shouldn’t be banned from eating our schnitzel,” Mr Lindner said.

Nonetheless, Ms. Goering-Eckardt said that public attitudes have changed since then, and she believes that Germans are now more willing to make sacrifices to curb global warming.

“Many people have now understood that things are going to change fundamentally,” she said. “The question is whether we make the changes ourselves or allow ourselves to be swept over by the climate crisis.”

The politician did acknowledge that the “monumental task” of combating climate change would demand “massive investment” over a short time frame.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Austria to shut down “controversial” Saudi center for interfaith religious dialogue

Germany: Three strollers injured by African man with a broken bottle

Three injured persons are to be reported after an argument yesterday Saturday shortly after 6 p.m. in the city park in Deggendorf. A 25-year-old Senegalese had injured them with a broken bottle. The police were first informed that a dark-skinned man was harassing children and passers-by in the city park. When three men asked him not to do so, he attacked them. With the bottle he injured the men partly seriously. The informed emergency services delivered the three injured men to the Deggendorf Clinic. The perpetrator was arrested by the police and taken to the office. In consultation with the competent public prosecutor's office, the accused is brought before the investigating judge to examine the prison sentence. The further investigations in the case are led by the Criminal Investigation Department Deggendorf. Witnesses to the incident are requested to contact the police by calling 0991/38960.

Major police operation in Essenbach, Germany: asylum seekers attack policemen

In an accommodation for asylum seekers in Essenbach (Landshut district), several residents attacked civil servants. According to police reports, the officers were called into the shelter because of a brawl. The police wanted to bring a man lying on the ground, who was in his vomit, into a stable lateral position, because the apparently drunk man was no longer addressable. When the Afghan regained consciousness, he hit the officers with his head and legs. Another resident interfered and attacked the police officers with a glass bottle. The officers resisted with pepper spray and had to take the man into custody. Shortly afterwards, chairs were thrown through closed windows of the shelter, so that five windows broke. As the police reports, the situation could be reassured "by the use of strong police forces", the ringleader was taken into custody.

Obama playing dictator-in-exile from a kingly south of France palace?

By Monica Showalter

President Obama is living the life of a former king, vacationing these days at a palatial estate in the south of France. At what point has he made enough? Silly us for asking.

Daily Mail has a report with a lot of photographs:

Former US president Barack Obama and his family arrived in Avignon in the south of France for a week's holiday just days after they were pictured celebrating daughter Sasha's graduation from high school.
The Obamas are reportedly staying at a luxurious 18th century farmhouse on Bathelasse island, near the Provencal city.
Barack, 57, his wife Michelle, 55, and their two daughters Sasha, 18, and Malia, 20, will relax at the palatial Le Mas des Poiriers, rented at 55,000 euros for the week, according to a report by Le Parisien.

The two former first daughters were seen out and about Saturday after jetting into the Provencal city on Friday.
Security detail from the Gard regional police as well as the US Secret Service will surround the residence as the former first family visit the area.
The property sits on 65 acres - providing seclusion and privacy for the Obamas during their stay.
Why the taxpayers should pay for this via the security guard details, as if the man can't afford any of his own after all the payoffs he's now collecting from speeches and book deals is rather a side issue.

The problem is that this comes as he's engaging in quite a few shenanigans on his own around Europe.

DCWhispers, a pretty reliable blog, reprinted an item stringing together all the Obama spottings around Europe with its leaders, all of whom are of the #NeverTrump ilk, calling it the activity of a "dictator in exile." Obama's met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He's also met with French President Emmanuel Macron. Funny, he's now staying in Macron's country now... And all of this comes as Obama has become increasingly implicated in the activities to overthrow President Trump from Deep State, a trail that's now being investigated by the Justice Department. And it comes as revelations roll out about Obama's former Secretary of State, John Kerry, as well as other prominent Democrats, such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, meet with America's enemies such as Iran on the sly, advising them to hold on until they can retake power.

The DCWhispers writer raises even more questions:

Why is a former president, any former president, conducting policy discussions that might have foreign policy implications with the leaders of foreign governments without first clearing his contacts with the currently seated administration?
That question is of even greater import in light of the diametrically opposed world views held by the current president and the former president.
Is Obama using his relationships with foreign leaders to continue pushing for the expansion of globalism, the shadow government’s foreign policy agenda?
If it's all true, this is indeed how many ex-dictators in exile act. And actually, it's never before been seen by former American presidents. It's clearly a kind of decadence borne of a lifestyle of an idle rich person -- using that idle time to plot a comeback. The south-of-France thang is a nice touch.

At a minimum, it's time to pull the plug on the taxpayer funding for the presidential lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous abroad. It's gone too far and now it's leading to trouble. Why should the Secret Service tag this guy at huge taxpayer expense wherever he goes? And why should he be allowed to use these resources to run a shadow government?

Germany is accused of downplaying anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims

The annual al-Quds Day march in Berlin is often cited as a prime example of the rise of so-called new antisemitism in Europe: hatred of Jews in connection with Israel, often by people from Muslim societies. Despite attempts by organizers in recent years to suppress some expressions of antisemitism, the march by hundreds of participants features frequent calls about killing Israelis, Zionist conspiracies and chants of “free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Flags of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah are on display, and imams regularly preach anti-Semitic verses from the Quran to the crowd in Farsi and Arabic.“Under the guise of ‘Israel criticism,’ they use classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, identifying Israel as having ‘Jewish characteristics’: ‘domineering,’ ‘greedy’ or a ‘child killer,'” sociologist Imke Kummer observed about the marchers. (Iran launched al-Quds Day in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and Israel, and international events of support have followed. Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem.) Such agitation is seen worldwide. To many, it’s especially troubling on streets where the persecution of Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators was so brutal that it moved whole societies in Europe to vow “Never again.” Curiously, however, some of the incidents documented at the Quds Day march in Berlin have been classified by authorities as forms of far-right antisemitism, independent watchdog groups have discovered. Critics say the march example and other mislabeled incidents are facilitating attempts to politicize antisemitism and complicating the apparently losing battle to solve it.“It means we can’t really use the official statistics on antisemitism in Germany,” Daniel Poensgen, a researcher at the Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism, or RIAS, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Germany’s Interior Ministry did not respond to JTA’s request for comment. Doubts about the ministry’s methodology have become more pronounced as its data have increasingly diverged with information from across Western Europe — and from the perceptions of German Jews themselves. Last month, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that supporters of far-right groups were responsible for about 90 percent of the 1,800 recorded anti-Semitic incidents recorded in Germany in 2018, a 20 percent increase over the previous year. In France, by contrast, more than half of antisemitism incidents, and virtually all the violent ones, are perpetrated by immigrants from Muslim countries or their descendants, according to the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism.In Britain, the Community Security Trust suggests that far-right perpetrators are responsible for 50-60 percent of the incidents where victims offered a physical description of their attackers. This happened in about 30 percent of 1,652 cases in 2018, a 19 percent hike from the previous year. In the Netherlands, the previous director of CIDI, the country’s foremost watchdog on antisemitism, said that Muslims and Arabs are responsible for about 70 percent of all cases recorded in any given year. In a 2016 survey of hundreds of German Jews who had experienced antisemitic incidents, 41 percent said the perpetrator was “someone with a Muslim extremist view” and another 16 percent said it was someone from the far left. Only 20 percent identified their aggressors as belonging to the far-right. “There is clearly a mismatch here, and it speaks to the inaccuracy of the German official statistics,” the RIAS researcher Poensgen said.Poensgen said his watchdog organization has talked to officials about the statistics problem. “There was interest in our criticism, it was listened to and studied, but till now [there’s] severe reluctance on the federal level to change their category system,” Poensgen said. Confidence in German authorities was undermined in 2014 when a German court ruled that antisemitism was not behind the attempt by three Palestinians to set fire to a synagogue in the city of Wuppertal. (A higher court affirmed the ruling in 2017.) To some critics, there is a political dimension to the apparent reluctance of German authorities to blame antisemitism on Muslim immigrants. Surveys suggest that group is considerably more anti-Semitic than non-immigrants, or at least more open about it.But “the new Muslim antisemitism is taboo, as addressing it would only strengthen opponents of immigration,” Krisztina Koenen, a journalist for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and der Welt, wrote in an analysis she published in March in the Hungarian-Jewish magazine Neokohn. The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has faced considerable criticism, including that she is importing antisemitism, over her decision to let in more than 2 million immigrants from Syria and the Middle East since 2015. Last year, a German federal entity went to some pains to refute the claim about importing antisemitism. The study by the Berlin-based EVZ foundation claims that there is no connection between antisemitism and immigration, despite claims by some Jews to the contrary. The conclusion prompted scathing criticism by Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of international affairs for the American Jewish Committee and the point man on antisemitism of the OSCE intergovernmental organization. He said the report’s authors “ignore the data, dismiss the problem, and blame the victims.”Poensgen doubted that official German statistics are being deliberately mislabeled for political purposes. “Most likely it’s the result of an out-of-date classification system, that for historical reasons is designed to monitor far-right antisemitism,” he said. He cited one case in 2014 in which about 20 men shouted the Nazi slogan “Sieg heil” at an al-Quds Day march, an annual pro-Palestinian event where the mostly Muslim participants typically chant anti-Israel and anti-American slogans. The episode appears as a far-right incident in the Interior Ministry’s records. Such mislabeling does, however, help the German far-right’s attempt to discredit the government, Poensgen said. RIAS uses a more nuanced classification system than the government’s, he said. Last year, it indicated that the far-right was responsible for about 18 percent of anti-Semitic hate crimes where perpetrators could be affiliated with a population group or ideology. Islamists and anti-Israel activists accounted for about 11 percent of 1,083 cases last year in Berlin (RIAS limited its 2018 monitor report to that city). Other perpetrator categories included conspiracy theorists, the far left and centrists.The political affiliation of about half of the cases were classified as unknown. German authorities have made attempts to address Muslim antisemitism specifically. The top intelligence agency in Germany recently published a 40-page analysis of rising antisemitism by Islamist extremists that was welcomed by Jewish leaders. But the government’s system for classifying antisemitic incidents is flawed, said Laszlo Bernat Veszpremy, who has researched antisemitism among recent immigrants to Europe in a paper published by the Budapest Migration Research Institute. It has five categories: right-wing, left-wing, foreign ideology, religious ideology and unknown, which is rarely used. “The problem is that Islam is not mentioned anywhere, so Islamist or ‘pro-Palestine’ attacks, which could motivate Muslim or Arab perpetrators, can go in at least three categories: right-wing (nationalist), foreign (secular) or religious,” Veszpremy told JTA. “The de facto situation is that pretty much any antisemitic incident in Germany is automatically attributed to the far right because of how the classification system works.”

Vienna: Role model cop as case for judiciary

He is regarded as a prime example of integration and was the first African in the ranks of the Vienna police force - but now the model police officer himself is a case for the judiciary: the corruption prosecutor's office is investigating, among other things, on suspicion of serious fraud. The accusations resemble the script for a crime thriller.Specifically, it concerns two Arabs who wanted to settle a real estate deal in Austria. Right in the middle of it is also the police inspector with Congolese roots, who so far has had a spotlessly clean career in the civil service: from the armed forces to the judiciary to the executive in the federal capital.The accusations against the multicultural role model officer are serious. According to investigations by the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office, the police officer lured the two investors into the trap of a fictitious deal. As in a "crime scene" thriller, with blue lights and in uniform (!), the two unsuspecting businessmen were then "arrested". In order to spare them problems because of alleged black money, the Top Cop with an accomplice took up to eight million Euros from them.Only a few days later and after the initial shock, the whole thing seemed strange to the two Arabs. They went with the adventurous sounding story to colleagues of the accused and filed charges.A spokesman for the judiciary confirmed these suspicious facts at the request of the newspaper "Krone": "We are investigating abuse of official authority and serious commercial fraud. The first African in the ranks of the Vienna police was temporarily suspended. In the event of a possible trial and conviction, several years of imprisonment are threatened.

Syrian mob of refugees brutally beats up Germans

Mass brawl between Syrians and Germans Sunday night in front of a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Zwickau. The sad result: two seriously injured and four lightly injured. "My employees were disturbed by the enormous brutality," restaurant operator Marcus Klink (39) told newspaper BILD.This Sunday morning at about 2.50 a.m., a dispute between immigrants and Germans escalated. "At first there was a verbal dispute, whereupon the foreigners, mostly Syrians, attacked the Germans," a police spokesman explained.Marcus Klink, who runs five McDonalds restaurants in the region: "My employees saw how a German and a non-German first argued in the restaurant." Then suddenly there were fisticuffs between the two. According to witnesses, the brawl moved outside. In the process, the window of the entrance door broke. A total of up to 20 people are said to have been involved in the brawl, some of whom had piled up before the police arrived.According to the police, there were "only" eleven participants; four Syrians were temporarily arrested and are still being interrogated. According to initial information, weapons were not used.