Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tormented to death with a broomstick: Brutal child murder shocks Italy

A brutal child murder has shocked Italy since yesterday: a seven-year-old boy was maltreated by his stepfather with a Tunisian migration background with a broomstick until he died, his sister seriously injured.When the police broke into the apartment of 30-year-old Valentina Caso near Naples last Sunday afternoon, a shocking picture appeared: on the sofa of the apartment lay a badly battered, seven-year-old boy motionless, next to him a one-year-old girl, crying and all over her body, but especially in her face with severe wounds.The completely disturbed 30-year-old mother and her partner, the 24-year-old Badre Tony Essobti, son of a Tunisian, also found the police patrol of the police station of Afragola there.
The news agency message about it:

A 24-year-old man has confessed to killing the seven-year-old son of his partner and seriously injuring his eight-year-old sister over a new bed the children had damaged while playing, investigative sources were quoted as saying by multiple newspapers on Tuesday. Tony Essoubti Badre, who lived in Cardito, Naples, with the seven and eight-year-old, their four-year-old sister, who was not injured, and the children's mother, allegedly punched and kicked the two children but denied hitting them with a broom, investigative sources were quoted as saying. The man, who is currently detained on voluntary manslaughter charges, reportedly said he was angry that the children had damaged part of a new bed because "we had made sacrifices to buy it" when questioned by police. Investigators are trying to determine the role played by the children's mother. Sources with knowledge of the probe said testimony provided by the murdered boy's sister, who reported severe but not life-threatening injuries, is proving key for police.


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