Wednesday, March 06, 2019

"Down with USA": Aline Abboud, journalist for the German state-run broadcaster ZDF, poses in front of anti-American slogans in Iran.

(c) Screenshot Twitter/Ex-Gruene

The journalist from the state-run channel ZDF Aline Abboud is said to have spread anti-American hate slogans on a private "educational trip" to Iran, which had just relaunched its propaganda of completely wiping out Israel and openly celebrating its hatred of America.According to the Twitter account "ExGruene" she posed during a trip to Iran in front of the hate slogan "Down with USA". And of course not without her headscarf as a plea for the Muslim oppression of women. The photo was then spread on the Instagram channel by the Kabul-born artist and Islam lobbyist Moshtari.According to the Instagram account, the photo was taken in front of the US embassy in Tehran. And provided with the text that she had just noticed how this photo was used by "white suprematists" for their anti-Muslim propaganda. That it could use the anti-American and anti-Semitic Muslim world obviously bothers them less.In the meantime, the photo is no longer found on the Instagram channel. But the internet portal PP has a screenshot of it - including the comments (which were cut off in the collage). The management of Abboud has also not yet responded to repeated requests for the authenticity of the photo. As soon as we get an answer, we will publish it here.Abboud has been employed by state broadcaster ZDF since 2016 and made a fast career there. First she worked there as a social media editor and in the editorial department of Dunja Hayali in Berlin, then in the news department of today. There she is still active as an editor and presenter.

Die @ZDF Journalistin Aline auf privater Bildungsreise im . Dabei posierte sie vor der Hassparole "Down with USA". 😳

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