Sunday, March 10, 2019

Germany: "Allahu Akbar" screams at funeral service for woman murdered by a Muslim - people ran out of church in panic

The case of Syndia stabbed to death by her boyfriend stirs the town of Worms. Hundreds took part in a funeral march. There was an incident before the subsequent divine service, broadcaster SWR reports.The march was organized by relatives and friends. From the parking lot of a supermarket in Worms's Nordend, the mourners moved together to the home of Syndia's parents. The police accompanied the march.After the rally an ecumenical service took place in the Church of Our Lady. Shortly before the service began, an incident occurred. Witnesses reported that a man with arms spread out stood in the sanctuary and called "allahu akbar".Numerous visitors to the church, who had already taken their seats before the service began, left the church in a hurry and alerted the police. Officials were able to arrest the disturber.

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