Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Germany: A man shoved into a track bed and injured -- mug shot

POL-HH: 190320-1. Öffentlichkeitsfahndung nach Körperverletzung in Hamburg-St. Pauli
The Hamburg police are using a mug shot to look for a previously unknown man who allegedly pushed a 55-year-old into a track bed and injured him. The investigation is being conducted by the Criminal Investigation Commissariat for the Central Region. The injured party was on the platform of the St. Pauli underground station at the time of the crime. Suddenly, the 55-year-old received an impact and fell into the track bed. The victim suffered several fractures as a result of the fall, including upper body and hip fractures. He could be rescued from the track bed immediately afterwards by the assistance of others not involved. The perpetrator left the scene of the crime undetected. The State Criminal Police Office had taken over the investigation and secured video material, for which the Hamburg public prosecutor's office had arranged for publication. So far, the investigations have not led to the identification of the perpetrator. For information on the person depicted, please call 040/4286-56789 to the telephone hotline of the Hamburg police or to any police station.

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