Thursday, March 07, 2019

Germany: Tunisian honour killer is asylum seeker and convicted serial offender

After yesterday's homicide in Worms's Nordend, the accused was brought before a magistrate today, at 11:00 a.m., by order of the public prosecutor's office in Mainz. According to the request, the judge, after examining the circumstances as a whole, ordered the arrest for murder in order to secure the criminal proceedings. Immediately after the arrest, the defendant was taken to a prison in Rhineland-Palatinate. The defendant is a Tunisian citizen. He came to the Federal Republic of Germany in October 2017 and applied for asylum in Baden-Württemberg. He is currently granted toleration. The defendant is already known to the police. In October 2018, he was sentenced to three weeks in prison for theft. In addition, he has already become known for two bodily injury offences and in connection with investigations into a violation of the Narcotics Act, as well as threats and coercion. Crimes against the 21-year-old victim have not been reported to the police. The 21-year-old lived in her parents' house, where the scene of the crime is also located. The crime scene was investigated by experts from the Mainz Criminal Investigation Department. The alleged murder weapon, a long kitchen knife, was also seized at the scene of the crime. The public prosecutor's office ordered an autopsy. The victim had several stab wounds, which are classified as causing death.

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