Friday, March 22, 2019

Germany: War weapon found in a Lebanese extended family

This early Friday morning at about 6:30 a.m., police officers from Essen searched the apartment of a Lebanese extended family in Herten. The background is a suspected massive family dispute with a Lebanese extended family in Essen, during the course of which a clash occurred on 10th of February in the Katernberg district of Essen in which the extended families allegedly also threatened each other with firearms. Although the police warned the families of further escalations after this dispute, they continued their fierce dispute the very next day. This morning, special forces entered the home of the Herten family to search it to secure a firearm.A 21-year-old defendant, who apparently did not agree with the police measures and opposed them, suffered a slight injury to his face. During the search of the apartment, the detectives found an old war weapon, which is apparently subject to the War Weapons Control Act. Experts are now checking the functioning of the rifle. The investigations of the Essen police are continuing.

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