Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"Impure, oversized rats." Increase of brutal violence against dogs in Germany

The weekly newspaper Deutschland Kurier has now taken up a taboo topic in the German media that has long been an important concern for the Internet portal Philosophia Perennis: Cruelty to animals as the darkest side of mass immigration. There are no reliable figures - but there are more and more shocking "individual cases". The main victims are dogs that are considered "unclean" in Islam.The case of the French bulldog "Bonny" shocked the whole of Germany in February 2018. In Straubing (Eastern Bavaria) a Syrian, who was "angry" in his own words, threw the 10-year-old she dog from the third floor of a house. The four-legged friend died a little later in the animal hospital Regensburg.Offenbar sollte die Herkunft des Hundemörders verheimlicht werden. Bereitwillig begnügten sich die meisten regionalen und überregionalen Medien mit den von der Polizei mitgeteilten Tätermerkmalen: »Mann«, »27 Jahre alt.« Then the volunteers of the animal rescue Lower Bavaria had gone on Red Alert: On their 'Facebook' page they announced that the perpetrator was a Syrian. During his interrogation, the Merkel guest stated that he had been "angered" by the presence of the unclean dog according to Islamic interpretation.Which seems understandable insofar as the Koran says: "As a Muslim one should not keep a dog in the house. Keeping a dog is one of the reasons why angels don't enter a house." Contact with the dog's saliva is absolutely taboo. Muslims who go to prayer and have come into contact with a dog must repeat the ritual washing.Which is why in the self-proclaimed Islamic theocratic state of Iran, the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has just sent "warm congratulations" to the 40th anniversary of the revolution "also in the name of my fellow countrymen", , the walk with dogs will soon be banned and punished with up to 60 lashes of the whip.Brutal cruelty to animals has a long tradition in Islamic countries. The main victims are dogs. They are known as "oversized rats". There are about 10 million dog owners in Germany. They should take heed of their four-legged friends !It wasn't too long ago that there was a video circulating in the social networks. It showed how young people, recognizably with a "migration background", rioted on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden and kicked dogs. The photos were taken on 10th of May 2018 (Ascension Day). Only a few weeks earlier, a report from the Netherlands had caused disbelief among the unbelievers in Germany: a 26-year-old Syrian bawled out in ecstasy with "Allahu Akbar" shouts and killed a police dog with an axe in Schiedam, a suburb of Rotterdam.In the Belgian town of Turnhout (province of Antwerp), a man was mobbed for his dog by five young people - foreigners according to him - during a walk in the park. The dog stinks, they said. When the owner denied it, he was knocked unconscious.The same happened to a dog owner in Vienna: The 54-year-old was brutally knocked down in front of her garden gate by a Muslim Somali woman and had to go to hospital with a complicated knee fracture. "Your dog is unclean", the black African migrant had been agitated according to media reports.There is virtually no reliable data on the presumed significant increase in cases of cruelty to animals as a result of mass immigration. The number of unreported cases is probably extremely high. One last figure available at all can be found in an elaboration by the Scientific Service of the German Bundestag from 2018, in which 771 relevant criminal prosecution cases were reported in 2016 with reference to the Federal Statistical Office.There are always only alleged "individual cases" that come to light in public. They shed light on a phenomenon that is hushed up by mainstream media wherever possible. Just like these days:In the Kinzigtal (Black Forest) two "West Africans" grilled a goat over burning waste wood at a forest edge near the federal road B 33 between Haslach and Hausach according to police. According to the investigations, the animal was brutally slaughtered without anaesthesia. On a pasture near Klein Ilsede (Lower Saxony), unknown persons knife five pregnant sheep and dragged the meat away in garbage bags.At Magdeburg Central Station, a 16-year-old black African (and fare dodger) bit a dove in the head several times. It was not until the Federal Police requested that the animal tormentor let go of the victim, who was only still ruffling.In the course of the progressing Islamization of Europe it might probably only be a question of time until there are leaflet campaigns for "public purity" in this country too, as in British Manchester: "This area is the home of a large Muslim community. Show respect for us and our children and limit the presence of dogs in public".

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