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Enjoying travel in Germany with Arabs and do-gooders

Tichys Einblick reports:

I don't know what shocked me more - what the lawyer describes, or the fact that he asked me not to mention his name and place of residence: "I'm sure that the Bar of Lawyers would directly associate me with the far-right scene.And that could jeopardize my economic existence."

Here are excerpts from the lawyer's letter:

It was on the 8th of August 2018, this was supposed to be the long-awaited and more than deserved holiday start for my partner, my son (then 7 years old) and me. The flight to Tenerife was carried out by TUI-Fly and took off with a little delay from Hanover.Even if it is a bit unpleasant, I took a seat with a queasy feeling, because a small (Arabic) family sat directly behind us. Wife, toddler (maybe 4 years old) and the man. Unpleasant, not because of the fear of terror, but because the man was already heard loudly when entering the machine. And so it happened that this gentleman then conducted long monologues with his wife and child endlessly without stopping.But I was able to ignore that. It was only a short flight compared to the otherwise rather long flights to the Asian region.What could not be ignored was the toddler, who was always bored and kicked against the seat of my (then pregnant!) partner. And 2 hours before the landing she could not stand it any longer. She turned around and obviously committed a mortal sin. She looked at the toddler and then at the father - with a questioning glance.This should actually be enough for the parent or guardian in a civilised society to take the appropriate measures to educate his child and at least to talk him out of such behaviour. The three of us will never forget what followed.The man leaned over to us and said very loudly in good German: "Sorry, but don't look at my child. Never with your eyes. God gave us a language in His wisdom. When you look at my child, you destroy the soul.So always use the language."I replied that he should please use his language to educate his child. The constant kicking against the seat is simply not acceptable, especially as my partner is pregnant. (in the 7. month thus visibly). Then the man stood up and shouted! at us how we could dare to talk to him. He could not emphasize loudly enough that God gave us this peaceful world and that we only want to cause discord.He then spat on my partner's head and shouted that we had lost the right to live in this beautiful world of God. You can imagine that not only I, but especially my son was more than shocked.After he insulted me and my family as Nazis ( also the passengers from the front rows who complained to the gentleman about his loudness ) the busy flight attendants finally rushed to our aid. I believed.They only pointed out to the gentleman that he should please take a seat and calm down. Then he shouted at the flight attendants that they were discriminating against him and were also Nazis.We haven't said anything in all that time. Then we were told by the flight attendants that we should have some understanding after all. What we should have understanding for has not yet been answered.Since I felt very threatened, I demanded from the flight attendant that the captain inform the local police about the incident, as I wanted to file a complaint. This wish was, of course, ignored!But the small family from behind, now even louder, got a free dinner upgrade as an excuse, for the discrimination suffered I suppose.
At the end of the flight very devoted and worried people came to hug the gentleman behind us! and to apologize for our misconduct.

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Switzerland: Over 80 Percent of Somali Migrants on Welfare

According to newly released data, several migrant groups of different national origins in Switzerland have welfare dependency rates well above 50 per cent, with over 80 per cent of Somalis in the country taking state handouts.

The data was gathered and released by both the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretariat for Migration and shows that the 4,000 or so Somalis in Switzerland are by far the most prone to being on government benefits with 83.7 per cent relying on state income, 20 Minutes reports.

While Somalis are by far and wide the largest recipients of welfare, several other nationalities also have rates of over 50 per cent, such as Eritreans at 54.7 per cent and Angolans at 54 per cent.The statistics greatly contrast with the number of Swiss nationals on welfare, at a mere 2.3 per cent of the population — although Japanese nationals were the lowest of all at only 0.6 per cent.

Damian Müller of the Swiss Liberals (FDP) said that the figures show that both far too many asylum seekers not qualified for asylum were living on state handouts and that not enough was being done to integrate those with refugee status into the Swiss economy.

“Integration is not a one-way street,” he insisted, adding, “refugees are [also] responsible.”

Bachir Gobdon of the Somali Diaspora association attributed some of the blame for the high rates of welfare in the Somali community to the average family size, saying, “For example, they work in the hospitality industry, where wages are low. A family that has seven children, for example, cannot live on it.”The statistics resemble those in other countries like Sweden, where the jobless rate for migrants is much higher than the rate for native Swedes.

Figures released last summer showed that while Swedes had a rate of only 3.6 per cent unemployment, while the figure for migrants was 19.9 per cent.

In Germany, a report from the German Federal Employment Agency last year revealed that more than half of those on the Hartz IV welfare programme were migrants, with migrant welfare recipients increasing by 69 per cent since 2010 while Germans on welfare declined by 20 per cent.


Monday, April 29, 2019

Taharrush in Langenhagen, Germany: Three Arabic-speaking men force 19-year-olds to drive to the final stop to grope her

The police are looking for three men who sexually harassed a young woman at the terminus of the tram at Theodor-Heuss-Street in Langenhagen around 0.10 a.m. on Saturday. According to police spokesman Patrick Götze, the 19-year-old woman from Langenhagen was on her way around midnight on tram line 1 when she was approached and harassed by the three strangers.Götze further reported on Monday that the victim was forced to drive to the final stop under threat of violence. After leaving the tram, the 20-year-old men grabbed the woman's crotch and buttocks above her clothes. It was only when a passer-by approached that the perpetrators, described as slim, abandoned the 19-year-old and fled towards the Osttor shopping centre. All three were dressed in dark at the time of the crime and are said to have spoken in Arabic.  One of the men was wearing a conspicuous silver-colored roughly connected necklace, another a black shoulder bag, the police spokesman continued.

The police station requests information by calling (0511) 1094215.

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‘No Future for Jews in Germany’, Teen Says With Anti-Semitic Attacks on Rise

Jewish teenagers from Germany are opting to study and possibly settle in Israel citing the hostile environment and growing anti-Semitism, in the country where they grew up, the German outlet Die Welt indicates.

Young Jews from Germany who are struggling to fit into society and seeking new perspectives are choosing to enroll in boarding schools in Israel as part of an educational programme called Naale, Die Welt states. The group’s name is short for "teenagers immigrate before their parents" in Hebrew.

The programme, led by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency sees about 700 young Jews migrate to Israel each year, and the number is rising. Almost 50 young people from Germany came to Israel in 2018. The German outlet spoke to such teenagers, trying to explain what has motivated them to leave the country where they grew up. While 15 percent of graduates are drawn back to Germany and ten percent drop out of the programme altogether, three-quarters of them remain permanently in Israel. Some are even later joined by their families.

According to 46-year-old Evelyn Mende and her daughter Golda, who decided to participate in this programme, “there is no future for Jews" in Germany. She is going to study at the same school Liam Rückert from Berlin has been attending since last year when the 16-year-old’s story came into the nationwide spotlight. The teenager was reportedly threatened and bullied by classmates because of his Jewish background and opted for emigration with Naale to escape harassment.

Evelyn Mende says "I'm totally afraid of Muslim anti-Semitism”, adding, however, that she cannot judge how bad it will be. She also revealed that her aunt from Tel Aviv has repeatedly urged them to move to Israel, insisting they are no longer safe in Germany amid fears of the rise of the party Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) and reports about anti-Semitic attacks in Berlin in the Israeli media. Although Golda revealed that she has never been attacked herself, she also pointed out that it is normal for her to always put her necklace with the Star of David under her clothes, pointing out that boys wear a baseball cap in the summer and a cap over their kippahs in winter.

Another immigrant-to-be, 14-year-old Jamela Etoundi, who has a Cameroonian father and a Jewish mother, complained that she has been bullied by classmates at her state school. They addressed the girl, who was used to being teased “f**king negro,” as “You Jew” after their teacher asked her about her religion. Apart from being harassed at school, she said she was insulted by a stranger in the subway for wearing a T-shirt with the words "Israel Defense Forces”, who confronted her asking "Well, did you build settlements again and steal land?" The situation reportedly escalated into a fight when another passenger stood up for her. However, the case was later closed although the police documented everything.

The non-governmental research and information center anti-Semitism Berlin (Rias) registered 1,083 anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin last year, which is 14 percent more than the previous year. At the same time, Rias project manager Benjamin Steinitz noted that anti-Semitism is taking “threatening forms” and becoming blatant. The number of anti-Semitic attacks increased from 18 to 46 cases and the number of threats increased from 26 to 46.

In 2017, the police crime statistics (PKS) recorded 1,453 anti-Semitic offences in Germany. However, Rias points out that the number of unreported cases is high. Besides this, according to the group, most incidents of anti-Semitism do not constitute a criminal offence but are still traumatic for their targets.


Here we go again: " Mediterranean being " grabs 12-year-olds girl and exposes itself in Dresden, Germany

A twelve-year-old girl was apparently sexually abused on Saturday evening in the Georg-Arnhold public baths in Dresden. The alleged perpetrator, whom the child described as "Mediterranean", approached the child in the pool and touched it indecently on the inside of his thighs.After he had touched the child, he exposed his penis outside the bath in front of it. The US-American child was able to escape and told his mother about the sexual assault. She informed the lifeguard. However, the perpetrator fled and, according to the police, could no longer be found. The child had described the appearance of the perpetrator as Mediterranean, the newspaper Sächsische reports.In contrast to the mainstream media, which also reported on the incident, the newspaper Sächsische explains that this attack was not the first in the Georg-Arnhold public bath.In contrast to the mainstream media, which also reported on the incident, the newspaper Sächsische explains that this attack was not the first in the Georg-Arnhold-Bad. In February 2016, a Syrian and an Iranian touched two girls in the same public bath indecently and were later sentenced to probation for sexual abuse. The bath operator, Bäder GmbH, had reacted to the incident by publishing bathing rules in comic form, so that "citizens of other nationalities" could clearly see what was permitted and what was not.A spokesman for the Bäder-GmbH explained at the newspaper's request that the staff was vigilant, but that there was little opportunity to prevent such attacks. He could not state how often such attacks occurred. In percentage terms, however, they were perpetrated more frequently by "foreign guests". Politically correct, however, the speaker mentions that there had also been attacks by Germans.

The Notre Dame fire: conclusions enforced before the evidence was examined

By John Dietrich

The recent fire in Notre Dame Cathedral has highlighted the attempts of the powerful to control the news.

The Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, has decided the fire was “likely accident, not arson.” When reporting his decision, it is easy to eliminate the word “likely” for the sake of brevity. (Please excuse the sarcasm.) Luke Baker, Reuters’s Paris bureau chief, tweeted, “Fire at Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral was started by accident and is related to ongoing work, according to France 2, citing police.” There it is, the orthodox truth. If you don’t accept the “orthodox” story you are a “conspiracy theorist,” an Islamophobe and a racist.

Deviance from the orthodox view must be silenced. Fox News's Shepard Smith invited the French media analyst Philippe Karsenty for an eyewitness interview while the fire was still raging. Karsenty said, “Of course you will hear the political correctness, that it’s probably an accident, but … ” Before he could finish Smith interrupted, “Sir, sir, sir, we’re not going to speculate here of the cause of something that we don’t know,” Karsenty continued: “I’m just telling you, you need to be ready …” Smith cut him off with, “No, sir. We’re not doing that here,” Smith declared. “Not now. Not on my watch! Philippe Karsenty, it’s very good of you to be here.”

Fox’s Neil Cavuto had a similar experience in his interview with William Donohue, president of the Catholic League. Donohue was skeptical about the accident claim. He commented, “forgive me for being suspicious. Just last month, a 17th-century church was set on fire in Paris. We’ve seen tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues.” Cavuto responded, “We don’t know that. So if we can avoid what your suspicions might be.” Dohohue then stated, “When I find out that the Eucharist is being destroyed and excrement is being smeared on crosses. . .” At that point Cavuto decided to terminate the interview, “Wait a minute. I love you, Bill, but we cannot make conjectures about this. So, thank you. Bill, I’m sorry. Thanks very much. I do want to let people know, and again we’re not trying to be rude to our guests here.”

Muslim desecration of Christian churches has a long history. In her book, ”The Rage and the Pride,” Oriana Fallaci relates how Somali Muslims desecrate Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence. “The yellow streaks of urine that profaned the millenary marbles of the Baptistery as well as the golden doors. With the yellow streaks of urine, the stench of the excrements that blocked the main entrance of San Salvatore al Vescovo.” French churches have experienced nearly 2,000 attacks in the past two years. The was an arson attack on Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, feces smeared on a wall in Notre-Dame-des-Enfants in Nimes and the vandalization of the organ at Saint-Denis basilica.

In light of the large number of attacks on Christian churches it should not be unreasonable to suspect that the fire was an act of arson. There are also credible people who believe the accident theory makes no sense. Among them is Benjamin Mouton, former Notre Dame Cathedral architect (2000 to 2013). Mouton explained that the oak timbers that made up the cathedral’s roof had become hardened after more than 800 years and wouldn’t burn easily. Mouton also claimed the theory of an electrical source for the fire was unlikely. One possible source of the fire is a short-circuit by electrified bells near the spire. Nicolas Gueury, who electrified a set of bells in the cathedral in 2007, thought about that possibility but has ruled it out.

Investigators were allowed inside the cathedral for the first time on Thursday. They will determine what kind of accident took place. It certainly must be determined to be an accident. This was the decision arrived at by the politicians and the media while the fire was still raging. If the investigators were to determine that the fire was indeed arson, the media and politicians would be further discredited. They cannot afford that.


Germany: Police Discover ‘Thousands of Gallons of Harmful Chemicals, Gas Containers’ in Depot

symbolic picture

German authorities are investigating after police found thousands of litres (gallons) of harmful chemicals and gas containers stored in a depot in western Germany. German news agency dpa reported Monday that firefighters discovered the containers Sunday in a storehouse in Preussisch Oldendorf, near the city of Bielefeld, while extinguishing a cable fire in the facility. Dpa reported that the building’s owner had sublet it to another person, who is now being sought by police. There were no further details on that person.Police said they’re also investigating why the material was stored in the building and its intended use. The building was seized by police and the chemicals will be removed by specialists. The 35,000 litres (9,245 gallons) of chemicals include sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution and phosphoric acid.

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Germany: Pakistani asylum seeker kicks and hits dog owner and dog with bottle and strangles a man coming to her aid

Yesterday afternoon, a 36-year-old man kicked the dog of a 46-year-old woman with a glass bottle in a suburban train outside Baldham and attacked the woman with a glass bottle. He strangled an 18-year-old who came to the woman's aid. Around 4:40 p.m., a 46-year-old German woman from Garching was in an S6 suburban train that was driving into town. A 36-year-old from Pakistan, who was also on the train, approached her violently before the stop in Baldham. At first the man from the district of Freising stepped on the woman's dog, then he suddenly attacked her with a bottle  and hit her on the neck. The 36-year-old strangled an 18-year-old German, who was also in the suburban train and who came to the aid of the attacked, so that clear strangulation marks could still be seen on his neck when the police arrived. Other passengers then interfered and waited on the platform for the alarmed Federal Police. The 46-year-old complained of headaches and dizziness, after which she was taken to hospital by the rescue service.The person coming to her aid refused medical treatment on the spot at his own request. During the transfer to the Federal Police station, the Pakistani insulted and threatened the officers.Investigations revealed that the Pakistani had been accommodated in a psychiatric clinic in the east of Munich and had left the clinic in the morning at his own request, contrary to the advice of the doctors. A blood sample had been ordered by the public prosecutor's office. After the police measures had been completed, the man was released from custody. He is under investigation for dangerous assault, threat and insult. The 36-year-old filed an asylum application on the 27th of April 2017 and since the 18th of December 2018 has had a residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Germany: 80-year-old woman raped by a Mediterranean-looking man

A particularly serious case of a sexual offence has occurred in Oldenburg. The perpetrator entered the senior woman's apartment through a violently opened window. The woman caught the burglar in the hallway by surprise.Subsequently, the criminal raped the 80-year-old woman. The wanted suspect could have been a man about 20 years old and about 1.75 meters tall with a Mediterranean appearance. He is said to have been slim and had short black hair and dark brown eyes. The stranger was dressed in a dark blue or black hooded jacket as well as fabric or jogging trousers of the same colour with a white stripe on the outside of his legs. The man also wore black sports shoes.