Friday, April 19, 2019

Cologne cathedral master builder does not rule out that it was an arson attack on Notre Dame


Assessment of a master builder of the Cologne Cathedral on the blaze in Paris: 
 "However, an old roof truss in a church with centuries-old wood does not burn so quickly either. The wood is of course very dry, but over time it also becomes protective. Wood is not easily flammable, it takes time. Many insulating materials burn much faster. But when wood burns, there is hardly anything to do... I am not saying that it could have been arson. But you have to assume that there was another source of ignition. Simply in such a way does not come about in the wooden roof truss such a fire.
Instead of an overhasty euphoria about reconstruction, now is the time for fire experts ! After every fire, the first question is the cause of the fire. Is this not the case with one of Europe's most important cultural assets ?

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