Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Enjoying travel in Germany with Arabs and do-gooders

Tichys Einblick reports:

I don't know what shocked me more - what the lawyer describes, or the fact that he asked me not to mention his name and place of residence: "I'm sure that the Bar of Lawyers would directly associate me with the far-right scene.And that could jeopardize my economic existence."

Here are excerpts from the lawyer's letter:

It was on the 8th of August 2018, this was supposed to be the long-awaited and more than deserved holiday start for my partner, my son (then 7 years old) and me. The flight to Tenerife was carried out by TUI-Fly and took off with a little delay from Hanover.Even if it is a bit unpleasant, I took a seat with a queasy feeling, because a small (Arabic) family sat directly behind us. Wife, toddler (maybe 4 years old) and the man. Unpleasant, not because of the fear of terror, but because the man was already heard loudly when entering the machine. And so it happened that this gentleman then conducted long monologues with his wife and child endlessly without stopping.But I was able to ignore that. It was only a short flight compared to the otherwise rather long flights to the Asian region.What could not be ignored was the toddler, who was always bored and kicked against the seat of my (then pregnant!) partner. And 2 hours before the landing she could not stand it any longer. She turned around and obviously committed a mortal sin. She looked at the toddler and then at the father - with a questioning glance.This should actually be enough for the parent or guardian in a civilised society to take the appropriate measures to educate his child and at least to talk him out of such behaviour. The three of us will never forget what followed.The man leaned over to us and said very loudly in good German: "Sorry, but don't look at my child. Never with your eyes. God gave us a language in His wisdom. When you look at my child, you destroy the soul.So always use the language."I replied that he should please use his language to educate his child. The constant kicking against the seat is simply not acceptable, especially as my partner is pregnant. (in the 7. month thus visibly). Then the man stood up and shouted! at us how we could dare to talk to him. He could not emphasize loudly enough that God gave us this peaceful world and that we only want to cause discord.He then spat on my partner's head and shouted that we had lost the right to live in this beautiful world of God. You can imagine that not only I, but especially my son was more than shocked.After he insulted me and my family as Nazis ( also the passengers from the front rows who complained to the gentleman about his loudness ) the busy flight attendants finally rushed to our aid. I believed.They only pointed out to the gentleman that he should please take a seat and calm down. Then he shouted at the flight attendants that they were discriminating against him and were also Nazis.We haven't said anything in all that time. Then we were told by the flight attendants that we should have some understanding after all. What we should have understanding for has not yet been answered.Since I felt very threatened, I demanded from the flight attendant that the captain inform the local police about the incident, as I wanted to file a complaint. This wish was, of course, ignored!But the small family from behind, now even louder, got a free dinner upgrade as an excuse, for the discrimination suffered I suppose.
At the end of the flight very devoted and worried people came to hug the gentleman behind us! and to apologize for our misconduct.

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