Thursday, April 25, 2019

Germany: Threat against a commemoration remembering the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire

Because of an anonymous threat against a commemoration ceremony remembering the genocide of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire,yesterday Wednesday evening around 7 p.m. there was a large police operation in and around the Luther Church in Bad Cannstatt."We were told by the police shortly before the event that we should leave the church because a warning about a bomb attack had been received," parish priest Dr. Diradur Sardaryan told the press. At that time, around 7 p.m., parishioners and guests had already been in the church.  Other guests who wanted to come to the commemoration were not allowed to come near. Those already in the church were brought to safety, according to official police reports about 60 of them. The church was evacuated. The police, with about 40 deployed police officers, closed off the area on a large scale and officially spoke of a "threat situation" and not explicitly of a "bomb threat". Then we had to wait and see.Around 8.40 p.m. the police unblocked the large area, but from then on no one was allowed to enter the church. Special forces with dogs searched the building and the church area until late in the evening. Investigations into backgrounds and the whistleblower are continuing.

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