Thursday, May 09, 2019

Austria: Man by an Iraqi pushed onto railway tracks

At noon on Wednesday, a 20-year-old Iraqi pushed a man (35 years old) onto the underground line U3 at Vienna's west station. Despite emergency braking, the train could not stop in time and caught the passenger. The perpetrator was arrested shortly after the attack in the vicinity of the station. According to the Viennese emergency services, the victim was hospitalized with several broken bones. The Viennese railway companies have made the footage of the surveillance cameras available to the police, but it is still unclear whether the two men knew each other or were connected. Police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer announced that the suspect will be questioned promptly by the State Criminal Police Office. Detailed witness descriptions had led the police to the suspect. In such incidents, the Viennese railway companies ask to always use the safety devices such as the train emergency stop and the emergency intercom.

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