Saturday, May 18, 2019

Germany: Arabic-looking man attacks councilman of Islam-critical AfD party with a knife

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The deputy faction leader of the AfD party in the city council of Hanover, Reinhard Hirche, was attacked by an Arab-looking man with a knife and a bottle while placarding posters.The attack could be fended off and the perpetrator fled. Shortly afterwards he came back and threw stones at Hirche and his companion and hit the 70-year-old councilman on the head."We're investigating attempted assault and battery," said a police spokeswoman. According to AfD, Hirche was about to hang a poster when a man attacked him with a knife. The attacker tried to stab him in the chest and fled when Hirche pulled out a can of pepper spray, the AfD party stated on Facebook. Later, the attacker returned and threw stones at the politician and hit him on the head. According to the t-Online portal, the police initially did not provide any concrete information on the course of events. The police are searching, the perpetrator is still on the run.

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