Sunday, May 19, 2019

Germany: Dark skinned men beat up bouncer badly

On Saturday morning, around 01.45 a.m., in the Schlachthaus street in Tübingen, there was a violent clash between several people. After they were denied access to a bar, three men, who were not yet known by name, attacked the security staff member working there first with punches and then with a blow on the back of the head using an unknown object.Several guests of the club, who had become aware of the events, then tried to intervene in the dispute by mediating, whereby a 38-year-old was also punched in the face several times and was injured.The 38-year-old was medically treated by the rescue service on site, the 28-year-old security employee in a clinic. The perpetrators, three dark-skinned men between 175 cm and 190 cm tall according to witnesses, fled the scene before the arrival of the police.

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