Saturday, May 11, 2019

Germany: Dead woman found in accommodation - Asylum seekers attack policemen with stones - large contingent of police in action

On today's Saturday morning, there was a death in a accommodation for asylum seekers in Regensburg. A dead woman was lying in the shelter. The police are currently on the scene with a large number of police officers. On Saturday morning around 8:50 a.m., a dead person was reported in an accommodation in the Zeiß street in Regensburg. The rescue service was only able to determine the death of the woman.The reason for this is still unclear and the subject of police investigations. During the police operation, the rescue and police forces were harassed and attacked by residents of the shelter. The atmosphere among some of the residents heated up so that it was not possible to recover the body. The police forces that followed were thrown with stones and other objects. The police were at the facility with a large contingent.Also the negotiating group of the police headquarters Oberpfalz is in action to get in contact with the inhabitants. The police tries to have a calming effect on the residents. Around 11.40 a.m. the body of the woman was finally recovered and handed over to a funeral home. With the employment according to present conditions of knowledge no persons were hurt.

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