Sunday, May 12, 2019

Germany: " Mediterranean man " tries to rape mother who had an infant in her pram.

Late Friday afternoon, around 5.25 p.m., a previously unknown perpetrator attacked a 35-year-old woman, held a hand to her mouth and tried to drag her into a bush. The woman fought hard, fell to the ground with the perpetrator and bit him. Then the man let her go and fled. The 35-year-old had been with her baby in a pram on a connecting road between the streets Fliegenmarkt and Mühlenbrey in Legden when she was attacked. The woman describes the perpetrator as follows:


-Mediterranean appearance

-approx. 1,70 meters tall

-approx. 20-25 years old


-approx. 5cm long, smooth dark hair

-wore glasses with a dark frame (no horn-rimmed glasses)

-black jacket

-Sweater with white hood (visible under the jacket)

-long black gloves

The police are looking for witnesses. Who can provide information about this crime or has made suspicious observations? Please inform the police in Ahaus (phone 02561 / 926-0).

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